Yes, yes I know I’m late again to yet another film. I’ve actually been putting this movie off for a while because I just genuinely did not care at all for this movie.

 I had heard of course that it was really cool and stuff like that, but I just never even really wanted to watch it. Even after I downloaded it I spent a few days not watching it because I honestly didn’t care.

 With all of that being said let’s get into this Venom review.


 We’ll start with the plot, something that every good movie needs to have to survive.

 Venom is about a reporter named Eddie Brock who gets fired and loses his girlfriend after going after a rich and cut throat scientist Carlton Drake. (Don’t worry his girlfriend is alive.)

 After getting a tip about experiments going on in the labs of Carlton Drake, Eddie accidentally ends up bonding with a symbiote from outer space that wants to leave Earth and needs his body to do it.

 Sounds pretty simple if you ask me, nothing about the plot is confusing. Now when it comes to the actual story it’s just like the plot, simple.

 Everything in the story moved so fast that I couldn’t even have feelings for events that seem important. In the first 20 minutes Eddie loses his job and his girlfriend and yet I didn’t care.

 There was no build up to any of his life to even make me stop and feel bad for him at all. During a lot of the movie the symbiote talks about how Eddie is a loser, but you wouldn’t even know that because they tell you nothing about him.

 They just show you that he’s a reporter, he has a fiancé, he loses both of those things and now he has a symbiote. They brought in some homeless woman that Eddie knew and was only shown for like 15 seconds just to have her die later on and I couldn’t have cared less.

 Even Venoms reason to stay on earth is stupid and doesn’t make sense. How does Eddie change him when they’ve literally spent barely any time together throughout the movie.

 I feel like the movie was just trying to rush to get to the part where they show Venom and it ruined the film. Most of the film was just Eddie being chased by Carlton and fighting people and as cool as it looked the plot was still trash. I think I almost fell asleep five times.

 They tried to do a whole thing with his ex and make you want them to get back together but to be honest she could’ve died and I’d have felt nothing. This whole movie just felt like it was only made to look cool.


 Venom uses CGI so I feel like I have to talk about it even if it is only a few short paragraphs.

 The CGI in Venom wasn’t really bad if I’m being honest and a lot of the scenes looked really cool. The scene where Eddie was being chased by Carltons goon was actually pretty fun.

 The part where Riot and Venom are fighting looked amazing if you ask me. It looked like someone could’ve used them for a painting or wallpaper. 

 If there’s one thing this movie did best, it was the CGI. It feels like it was really the only saving grace for this movie and even that couldn’t save it.

 Every second of this movie just screamed “hey here’s Venom look how cool he is, don’t worry about this garbage plot.” If you take out the CGI this movie is right on the same level as the recent Fantastic Four film.


 You need good actors to have a good movie just like you need a good plot to have a good movie. The actors and the plot can’t survive without each other and that’s just pure facts. 

 We all know that a good bad guy can make you sometimes feel scared, or feel pure anger at them. They can make you root for their downfall, maybe even relate to them.

 Look at Thanos in Endgame, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Each one of those villains were great and everyone remembers them.

 Carlton Drake is trash, not only is he written like literally every evil scientist in any movie but he also is the least scariest guy you will ever meet. Go look up the actor Riz Ahmed and tell me would you genuinely be afraid of him. 

 I don’t know why but Sony just sucks at casting villains. The whole movie I never once felt like I would be scared if I met Carlton Drake.

 Eddie Brock was decent, he wouldn’t have been my first pick for Eddie but he wasn’t the worst choice. I didn’t really get the whole loser vibe from him that they were aiming for.

 Venom was cast alright I guess I just hated that once again they completely nerfed a string ass character and opted for him to be funny. I couldn’t take Venom seriously the whole time because they kept making him crack jokes that weren’t even funny plus he was acting very unlike the comics.

 Everyone else in the movie was absolutely forgettable, even his girlfriend. If Carlton wasn’t the main villain I’d have forgotten about him too because he was that damn boring.

 No actor in this movie made any type of impact in this or stood out in any way. I’ve seen movies with trash scripts but great actors and movies with great scripts but trash actors and this movie just had meh everything. 


 Let’s get the rating done already so you can finally know if you should watch this movie if you haven’t already. I feel like if you’ve been paying attention to anything I’ve been saying you know where this is about to go.

 Did I enjoy this movie? Barely. Would I watch it again? Maybe but if I did I would probably just stay on my phone or not even pay attention to it at all.

 This movie is absolutely forgettable and has no reason to get a part two except for the fact that it’s going to make hella money.

 I have to give this movie a solid 4/10. 

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