I’m not going to lie when it comes to things outside of rap I’m not really up to date with artists these days. I mostly listen to Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Anne Marie if I’m not listening to rap.

 I used to be deep into the alternative rock scene. I kind of fell out at one point so I don’t know much besides the bands I listened to before. I was recommended to review Trench by Twenty One Pilots. This is the first time that I’ve listened to any type of Twenty One Pilots music at all so we’ll see how this goes.


 You already knew the first thing I was going to talk about had to be the production. I feel like I hold genres outside of rap to a higher standard when it comes to production.

 I definitely hold famous people to an even higher standard when it comes to production and for a good reason. If a person has millions or thousands of dollars they shouldn’t come out the booth with some garbage sounding music. You can’t really pay for bars, well you can get a ghost writer but that’s not the point. If there’s one thing you can buy it’s good ass production.

 The production is pretty decent, there’s nothing that makes it stand out but there’s nothing wrong with it. There aren’t any special effects or anything of the sort that seems different or special. 

The production sounds like the type of stuff you would expect from a band in their genre. The instruments were nice and the vocals were pretty sound. I could understand the vocals clearly and the instruments were played on point and I could hear them with no problems.

 I don’t really have much to say about the production since there wasn’t really anything much to talk about. It was pretty good but it wasn’t anything special.

Track List

 I do love a well picked track list for an album and I think a lot of people can agree with me. Any person who likes music knows a well picked track list can make you feel like everything around you is irrelevant and have you in a web of memories and emotions.

 The track list for this album seems like an experimental album if you ask me. There isn’t really a theme or a certain vibe that stays throughout the whole album. It kind of just casually goes between one emotion to another.

 This doesn’t really feel like an album that was made for a specific person or to have a specific message. It instead feels like an album that was made just to be a piece of art that has no purpose or message. It was just made because the artist might’ve wanted to make an album that was just unique and creative for them.

 They definitely had some hits in there which is always good but they also had some songs I forgot right after I heard them. I like the stuff they talk about and I like the flow that the lead singer of the band has on a lot of the songs.

 The lyrics were also pretty good and unique, when he pairs the lyrics with his flow it makes the songs even more fire. I feel like a few of the songs would’ve been better as singles or at least put in another album.

 The track list was average, from what I’ve been hearing about them this doesn’t seem like the best album to start off with from their list of music. I feel like their other albums might be better but right now this is a pretty average tracklist.


 I did tell you that they had some fire in this album and I’m sure you’re wondering which songs caught my attention. Well I’ll tell you which songs I enjoyed the most.

 I would have to say Chlorine, The Hype, Bandito, Pet Cheetah, and Legend are definitely my top ones on the album. If you asked me to give you some good songs from the album I’d give you any one of those first.


 I’m not going to sit here and say the album was bad because it wasn’t, but I’m not going to say they deserve an award for this album either. This album has a few hits that I can see myself still jamming to later in life. However altogether I don’t think the album itself is something I’d be recommending people when they want new music. 

 I don’t regret listening to the album. I’m still listening to it right now and it’s pretty decent. I regret starting with this album first. I feel like their other albums would’ve been a better start.

 After taking in everything the album had to offer I have to give the album a solid 7/20. It wasn’t outstanding and although it had some hits it seemed like a shuffled playlist of Twenty One Pilots instead of an album by Twenty One Pilots. 

 That’s it for this review. I hope everyone’s lives get better and I hope that all of you are ok. Make sure to check out Trench by Twenty One Pilots and tell me what you thought about the album.

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