Swag 3

I’m back, with the review nobody asked for at all. I was in the bathroom, I opened my music app and saw Almighty King Draco aka Soulja Boy had decided to drop an album. 

Now if you’re like me you probably thought “he still makes music?” After that, you probably decided to see if it was good by listening to it or reading this review.

Now that we’re done with the introduction let’s dive into Swag 3 by Soulja Boy.


At the top of my website, it says something like “all facts no bull shit”. So you can expect this to be a pure unbiased review of this album. 

Surprisingly production-wise this album was pretty decent. There wasn’t anything mixed wrong or anything that used any weird effects.

The ad-libs and effects were pretty basic but they weren’t bad. I can tell someone with experience helped mix his songs.

The beats were pretty good and helped distract you with whatever the hell Soulja Boy was rapping about. I didn’t hear any beat that didn’t make me bounce my head to it.


I’m going to be honest, I’m trying so hard not to just completely shit on this album. This album is… something.

The production was good but that doesn’t mean the album itself was, my first problem is all the damn auto-tune.

Soulja Boy for some reason went into the booth and said “I think everyone will love to hear me sing through most of this album”. I can tell you right now, no one wanted that.

I get that sometimes you want to sing every once in a while or mess around with autotune but more than half of his songs are made this way.

If you’re wondering, “can he at least sing?” I’ll answer that for you. No, he can’t sing at all. 

Some parts sound decent because of the autotune but he instantly ruins it by trying to actually sing and stretching out the autotune making it super noticeable.

Now let’s get into the actual songs, they weren’t that good. I got to the third song and thought “When did I listen to two damn songs??”

I listened to his first song titled “Aw” and thought, “Aw man this song fucking blows.”

The songs are purely repetitive and the only things you notice are the hooks and that’s only while listening to them.

Once you listen to a song you instantly forget what you just listened to and when you start the next song you think “why am I listening to this shit?”

Did he have any good songs? He had some decent songs and I say decent to be polite.

Would I play this album near my friends? Not unless I wanted to never be passed the aux again.

Also, the album is 36 minutes long with 16 songs that all have no features.

I don’t know if Soulja Boy thought, “I don’t need any damn features” or he just couldn’t get any features but if he thought the first one he was wrong as hell.

 Soulja Boy literally said and I quote, “Designer, recliner, my diamonds, trip to China”. Every time I listened to the lyrics I couldn’t stop feeling embarrassed for him. 

I’m just going to say these songs sucked. I didn’t like them at all and I regretted listening to any of this at all.


I probably couldn’t even name 5 songs that I genuinely liked or would put in my playlist, I could name one or two but not five, and two is a stretch.

Without further ado here are the 5 worst songs on Swag 3.

Headed To The Bag, I’m On It, Celine, Aw, We Up, and In Here.

Yes, I know I put 6 instead of 5 but I don’t care, to be honest I wanted to put even more and the more I listen to this album the more list grows.


I’ll just say it, I hate this album. I will not be listening to this album ever again unless it’s to make fun of this album.

I’m not saying he can’t make good music, he had a few good songs last year and the year before but this shit right here is not something to be proud of.

I knew I wouldn’t like every song on the album but I didn’t think I would hate every song off of the album either.

I feel like some of these songs would be decent singles but after listening to 16 of the same damn songs you start to get tired.

I’m just going to wrap this up and get right to the rating. 

This album is an absolute 3/10, the beats were cool and the production was alright I’ll give him that but this album sucked and there’s no other way of putting it.

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