Steven Universe

 I am a complete fan of anything cartoon related. If you know me you most likely know that I absolutely love watching cartoons.

 I was recently put on to Steven Universe and to be honest before now I never even put in my watchlist. I had heard a bit about the show but I had never anything that interested me enough to try to get into it. After watching the whole show though I definitely don’t regret my decision. 


 I can’t stand a cartoon with terrible animation. If it’s old I’ll give it a pass, but newer cartoons have no business being trash. 

 I’m not really a fan of things like Teen Titans Go, the new Ben 10 and other things of that nature. Luckily for me Steven Universe has some great animation.

 The colors they used for everything were really pretty and made some scenes look absolutely magical. Everything looked like it clearly took time and is thought out by each of the artists.

 I didn’t like the way some of the characters were drawn in certain scenes. The inconsistency made them look weird sometimes but for the most part everyone was drawn very nicely. 

 The only part of the animation I didn’t actually like was the pilot episode which looks like an acid fever dream but don’t worry it’s only the first episode. If they’d have gone with that style the whole show I’d have never finished it.


 Steven Universe is one of those shows where you think it’s going to just be a kid show about beating up aliens until the story actually sweeps you off of your feet. It’s like how people who first start Ben 10 don’t think it’s actually going to have a plot.

 The show is about Steven, a half human and half alien that lives with the Crystal Gems. They are a part of a race of aliens formed in the ground and are all girls.

 Steven is the only human of his race because his mom fell in love with a human and turned herself into a womb to make Steven. (I don’t know how that works so don’t ask.)

 The Crystal Gems live in Beach City with a bunch of cool wacky characters. The Gems mostly find corrupted Gems and bubble them. (You’ll see what that is)

 They’re refugees from a place called Home World ruled by the Diamonds who have a habit of taking over worlds and destroying them. They’re group goal is to pretty much make sure that doesn’t happen.

 I loved every season if I’m being completely honest. The first few seasons were more of a cute cartoon and shed a bit of light on the past of the Gems but wasn’t too hard to understand.

 The last few seasons though… if only I could tell you about those fire ass seasons. I can’t get too much into it because I’d end up spoiling it. (And we all hate a damn spoiler)

 The last seasons are more serious and have you on the edge of your seat wondering what the hell is going to happen next. Not only is it exciting but everything you end up learning just completely throws you away.

 Steven Universe is an amazingly written story. I can’t really complain about what they did with what they had.


 There are a lot of characters in Steven Universe and they keep adding more throughout the show. I don’t think I had any characters that I didn’t particularly like.

 One of the things that I liked about Steven Universe is that all of the characters, even the side ones, get a time to shine. No character is forgotten and gets an episode where you get to see who they are and why.

 Steven himself was annoying in the first few episodes but he ended up actually becoming a lovable character. Throughout the show you see a lot of character development from everyone, not just Steven.

 The characters don’t just get an episode and disappear. Each character has parts that tie into the plot. You also get to see them grow and evolve throughout the story.

 If I had to pick top five characters I’d have to pick Garnet, Peridot, Onion, Amethyst, and Steven.

 My least favorites would be Ronaldo, Mayor Dewey, and Lars (in the first seasons). 

 I actually liked everyone else, even my least favorites had their moments. I just thought they were just mostly boring, annoying, or an ass hole.


 I loved the show, when I started it I didn’t actually think I would end up finishing it until I ended up hooked to my seat. The show is really good especially once it turns serious and tears apart everything you think you know about the show.

 After everything is said and done I have to give this show a perfect 10/10 and would definitely recommend.

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