SHITYBOYZZZZ!!!!! (Had to do that shit at least once)

 I love any music that can go hard and also leave me with something memorable after. Not everybody wants to listen to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar all the time. (All due respect to the goats)

 The Shittyboyz always come with some fun music that’s guaranteed to make you bounce and go, “Yo what did this man just say?”

 When I heard StanWill was dropping his first solo album, you know I had to tune in for the review. Enough talking though let’s get right into it.


 Real fans know that production wise the Shittyboyz have really come a long way. The production compared to the songs that were dropped in the beginning of Stans career definitely aren’t touching these.

 The beats all have a 90s sample type of theme. Which makes it even greater that he’s going with a specific thing and not just doing a bunch of random songs with random beats.

 Each beat had a vibe and feel that just puts you in a great mood no matter who you are. All I have to say is StanWill definitely has a good ear for beats.

 The verses were mixed well too which isn’t surprising since I Stan makes beats. I would assume he’s a wizard with the mastering.

 The beats didn’t drown out the vocals which is a problem with a lot of upcoming rappers these days. The ad libs weren’t too high and didn’t get mixed into the vocals either.

 Production wise I can definitely tell that Stan actually went and mixed and mastered this instead of just recording and dropping the song.

Track list

 I expected nothing but fire from StanWill and guess what I got… SOME DAMN FIRE. 

 Each track played well off of each other and had you in a constant hype with no rest.

 The features on each song did exactly what they needed to do and StanWill made sure that no one outshined him. He just came in with punchline after punchline. 

 The album was only thirty minutes long. It was long enough for you not to get bored, but not short enough for you to be left without contempt. 

 I couldn’t name one song that didn’t go with the theme of the album or sounded out of place. 

 The tracklist leaves you with enough fire to leave you contempt for a while but still has you waiting for more from StanWill.


 There were a lot of songs that were fire but as usual every album has songs that stand out more than others.

 My top five would definitely have to be Batman, Critical, Kaioken, Floyd Gretzky, and Sensational.

 Each one of these songs had fire beats, fire punchlines, and absolute fire energy.


 StanWill made sure to show his ass this album. He made sure to prove that he can hold his own and isn’t under anybody’s shadow. (But real fans knew that already)

 I wasn’t disappointed with this album at all and I already put most of these songs in my playlists and will have them on replay all day.

 After taking everything into consideration I definitely have to give this a solid ass 9/10. Stan came and signed his name in the rap game with this one.

 StanWill has hella potential to get better and better and if you’ve been watching for a while you’ll notice that he’s already been doing exactly that. 

 I would definitely recommend this album if you want something fun to listen to and just have a good time. 

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