Let’s talk about music for a minute. Now I know this is a rather old album, but it’s one of my favorites so I felt like it should be in one of my reviews. The album I’ll be reviewing today is Red by Taylor Swift, and I’ll try to give you a brutally honest review even though I absolutely love this album.

Red is a studio album from the Queen herself, Taylor Swift. Now I know some people might be turned off by Taylor Swift’s music ( aka “masculine guys”), but Red is something special if you’re into the Pop/Country type vibe.

 Most people assume Taylor Swift only makes break up music, and to be honest I can see how it would seem like that if you weren’t that much of a fan. I can also see how Red doesn’t help her distance herself from the “break up” music she usually makes. The thing about Red is even though it’s more sad type love songs with a mix of upbeat songs, it doesn’t feel like she’s trying to be a sad writer; instead, the whole album feels real.

The album feels like Taylor Swift poured her whole heart into this album.  Each song sounds like she’s talking about real-life experiences. This album is more than just the typical sad pop album; it’s a diary into Taylor Swift’s life.

The song selections are great too and are placed in an order where you can listen to the whole album back to back. The selection has a good balance between slow sad songs, and upbeat so you are not put into a tear induced coma. 

 My top five songs from the album are Red, The Last Time, Stay Stay Stay, Starlight, and Everything Has Changed. The other songs on the album are great songs, but those songs just hit me more than the others. Another song that hit me too was Sad Beautiful Tragic. That song really makes you feel for Taylor and if you’re like me it might put you in your feelings. 

Production wise the album is pretty solid, there aren’t any songs that I can name that have anything wrong with their production. Most of the songs are well timed and produced beautifully. Taylor makes this album seem like it’s effortless, but I can tell you, as an artist myself, it takes more effort than you might think to make an album like this.

 For the people who don’t like Taylor’s music based on the overplayed songs like We Are Never Getting Back Together and 22,  you’re in luck because the album only has two or three of those songs while the rest of the album is pure gold in a bottle. I’m not saying 22 and We Are Never Getting Back Together are bad songs because I love those songs but I can honestly see how it would be annoying if you heard it 100 times. Even then songs like We Are Never Getting Back Together tells a story that most people can relate to if they took the time to listen to it.

 Taylor’s words and lyrics are simple but they’re relatable, almost everyone has experienced a bad break up or been broken-hearted before (Even that tough guy at the gym with all of those tattoos). Taylor makes good relatable music for people that have gone through breakups and other things like that but I can still see why some people wouldn’t like her singing pop style of doing it. I feel like Taylor is putting her raw emotions in a song but at the same time, she’s making you happy and want to sing even though you’re remembering that one person that got away from you.

 I give a Red a 9.5 and would recommend it to anyone who listens to Taylor’s type of music or has been wanting to get into Taylor Swift’s music, it’s definitely worth giving a listen.

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