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AYYEE AYEEEEES. Have I ever told you about this rapper named Shordie Shordie? Oh I haven’t? Well allow me to put you on to some fire because I know you need it right now. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for an artist who can sing or at least hold a good note. Which is what first drew me to Shordie Shordie.

 I’m not trying to sound cool but another thing that attracts me to an artist is a person who can stand out while still making good music. Anyone can make good songs but not everyone can have their own personal voice. To be able to put on a song and instantly know who it is just from their voice, is truly special. There are too many rappers who people put on and I have to ask “oh is this Comethazine” or “is this G Herbo” etc. but not with Shordie Shordie.


 Do I even have to say that production can make or break an album? I know I’ve said it like a thousand times but how can I not keep saying it when production means so much to an album. Making music is more than just dropping lyrics over a beat and leaving. A rapper must not only drop lyrics but also put adlibs to match the song, make sure the effects make the song better, etc etc. A well produced album will take you to a whole new dimension.

 Listening to More Than Music I can tell that someone put Shordie Shordie through some type of pain. How can I tell? Well I’m glad you asked, I can tell because of the way his music is produced and how much emotion he puts in his songs.

 The vocals are pretty damn solid if you ask me. I can hear him perfectly and there isn’t a delay or any type of feedback in the background. The effects that were put on the vocals were nice and didn’t sound out of place to me. 

 The ad libs were clean, didn’t overlap with the vocals and weren’t too low. I also liked the parts of the album where he would just speak. It felt like the album was trying to say something and it’s nice that he took the time to add those details.

 If you ask me what I think about the production, I’d tell you that it’s pretty good. I’ve heard worse production from people who have millions of dollars but Shordie Shordie ran this whole album with fire production without all that money.

Track List

 Let me tell you something, this man Shordie Shordie has nothing but heat on this album. You might think I’m over exaggerating but I don’t care to be honest because this is my review after all. I put 12 out of the 13 songs on this album in my liked songs on Spotify and into two other playlists that I share with other people.

 This album isn’t just a random collection of songs that Shordie Shordie selected or an album that he just threw together just for the sake of making an album. This album is a look into the mind of Shordie Shordie.

 Every song feels like it’s targeted towards a specific person or a specific memory that inspired him to make a song. I can listen to every song on this album and not only jam it while smoking a blunt but I can listen and get in my feelings. I relate to what he’s saying and I can tell that he’s really in his feelings. 

 The track list doesn’t feel like I’m listening to it on shuffle. It’s a subtle roller coaster of emotions that won’t leave you confused about what you just listened to. The music on this album is absolutely good. It’s not only relatable but it’s catchy as hell and full of bops you can replay over and over.


 I love almost every song on this album so it’s definitely hard to pick favorites but I’ll try to pick at least five. 

 This was a tough decision but I would have to say that my favorites are Gotchu Like, Holding Hands, Time Wit You, Rather Be, and Stay With Me.

 I keep replaying those five songs over and over on Spotify. If you’re skeptical of the album I recommend at least listening to one or two of those songs. You can get a feel of the album and see if you like it. 


 I practically praised this album ever since I listened to it. Could you believe if I gave it a bad review? I love Shordie Shordie’s music and More Than Music is something I needed in these times of stress during this Pandemic that’s happening right now.

 With all of that being said I have to give this album a good 9.5/10 and would strongly recommend checking it out if you have time and tell me what you think about it.

 I also just want to say to everyone going through a struggle right now that everything will be fine. No matter how hard it seems but that’s only if you don’t give up and persevere through this. I know with Covid-19 spreading rapidly and making a bad situation even worse some people may feel depressed.Life sucks sometimes but these are times that can help us appreciate the good moments that are coming later on. I’m always here to talk to and that nothing gets better if you just give up. I love you all and I hope your lives get better and better with each passing day.

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