Lost Feathers 2

 I’m writing this review on a Sunday morning and to be honest I picked the best time to listen to this album. There’s nothing like listening to something with some good soul and feelings on a Sunday morning if you ask me. 

 Hummingbird is an artist that I’ve had the pleasure to speak to and see perform in person multiple times. His music had always intrigued me.

 Not many people make music that Hummingbird does and the ones that do are usually overlooked it we’re being real.

 When I was told about the upcoming album I made sure to keep an ear out for it. I know the review is a week or two late (like usual) but this time Apple Music put the album late. (As usual)


 The first thing I do when listening to an album is listen to the production.

 If a song has terrible audio quality, the ad libs are too loud, etc, etc… I can almost guarantee you I will turn it off.

 Lost Feathers 2 is pretty well produced. There was nothing that needed to be mastered again or anything that was too loud or low.

 The vocals were magnificent. I love hearing a voice with soul and emotions in it. I could clearly hear the lyrics in the song as well as the beat with it.

 The vocals flowed smoothly with no feedback and were simply one with the beat. 

 The beats he picked definitely complimented his style with a mix of upbeat pop and slow conscious type beats. 

 The background vocals folded nicely in with the main vocals and didn’t clash or play over the main ones.

 Overall production wise the album was really well put together. There wasn’t anything I could say bad about the production.

Track list

 The track list of an album can leave a person confused or can leave them lost in their emotions. 

 This tracklist was well placed and each song played off of each other. Even the upbeat songs weren’t completely random and gave a refreshing sound right when you’re deep in thought. 

 There’s songs for everybody on this album if you want to be deep in thought there’s a song for that, want something catchy there’s a song for that too.

 I was wondering how the features were going to be able to feed off of Hummingbirds energy and if they would be able to come in nice on the beats he picked. 

 The features each did their own thing in their own way and brought something unique to each song. It was nice to hear a mix of vocals that blend well together.

 The tracklist sounds like something your parents would put on while cleaning or just to chill in the living room and be happy. 

 Each song has a vibe that says “Life is pretty scary but I still wouldn’t want it any other way.” 

 Lost Feathers 2 definitely has a theme and it sticks to it the whole way through. It’s a really good album to vibe to.


 We all know there’s always going to be some favorites in an album so here’s which ones are in my top five. 

 Lion To The Wolves, Ascension, Hxp feat. Phx, Release, and Eleven. 

 All the songs are pretty good but I love those songs the most and I know I’ll be listening to them more than the rest. 


 This album has really good energy. I even did my daily meditations with the album in the background.

 It’s a nice album to wake up to on a Sunday morning and just take in the vibes.

 It gives off a gospel and soulful vibe that brings back a genre that most people have completely forgotten about.

 I don’t usually actually listen to this type of music but I’ll definitely be looking more into it.

 Overall I give this album a solid 9/10 and can’t wait to hear what comes next.

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