Kill la Kill

Are you looking for a fighting anime? What about a show with beautiful amazing fight scenes? Are you also looking for something to watch that also has a great plot, great character development, and cool antagonist? Well, look no further because Kill La Kill is the anime for you!!!

 Before I start this review I just want to say I absolutely love Kill La Kill, I’ve watched it three times and each time I loved it even more. Although it is a good show it does indeed have its flaws just like everything else and we’ll get to that later and as much as I love this show I’ll try my best to give a fully unbiased opinion.


Let’s start with the most important part of any show, the plot. Kill La Kill is an anime made by Trigger who also made other shows like Witch Academia. The show revolves around the main character Ryuko Matoi a 17-year-old girl on a path to find her dad’s killer. (Oh brother how many times have we heard this one am I right?)

 In Ryukos world people wear clothes made out of life fibers; life fibers are used to make clothes that when in contact with human skin makes the wearer unbelievably strong. Ryukos last time seeing her dad was after he was stabbed with his own scissor blade except for only half of the scissor blade was left behind. After going on a quest to find the person with the other half of the scissor blade she ends up finding Satsuki Kiryuin who she suspects is the killer of her father (don’t worry I’m not spoiling much, this all happens in the first episode)

 Satsuki tells Ryuko that she won’t fight her until she beats all of the students with Goku uniforms. Goku uniforms are uniforms made from life fibers made specifically for the wearer, for example, the leader of the boxing club got boxing based Goku uniform that gave him boxing-related powers. Ryuko has her own version of a Goku uniform called a Kamui which I’ll explain a little later.

 The beginning of Kill La Kill is slow and if you’re just starting the show you might think it’s just another anime that just uses the basic stories that every other anime uses. You’re tricked into thinking that the plot is going to be a bland snore fest and then shit drastically changes and you’re constantly wondering what’s going to happen next. (I’m trying my best not to spoil the many awesome things that happen in this show so you’ll just have to trust me that this is definitely worth it.)

 I can’t really go further into the plot without spoiling it for you so I’ll just go straight into my next section and that is…

Character Development

The main characters in the show are Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin. Mako and the Elite Four also have a big presence in the show but they’re usually only there when Ryuko or Satsuki is involved. The Elite Four consists of Gamagori, Jakuzure, Sanageyama, and Inumuta. The character development isn’t really that great if we’re being honest. Ryukos development isn’t that bad, we get to see her go from being a punk who only listens to her self to a girl with a punk mentality but knows she’s not only looking out for her self. 

 Satsuki doesn’t change much at all, even the flashbacks show that she’s been the same since she was a kid. There are times where they show her having a softer side that she rarely shows but other than that she’s just the same old Satsuki.

 Senketsu is her Kamui which is an outfit made out of 100% life fibers, although he is a sailor outfit he’s able to speak and be heard by Ryuko. Senketsu does have his own development, he goes from trying to protect Ryuko to being one of her best friends and they both love each other like brother and sister.

 Mako is Ryuko’s best friend. (Well only friend technically) Mako is a classic slacker with good intentions and a heart of gold, she loves Ryuko and wants to do everything she can to help Ryuko not lose her self in the process of finding her father’s killer. In the beginning, Mako comes off as annoying and pushy but you get used to her at one point; you don’t really get to see her character development until you get toward the end where she actually plays an important role. 

 As for the Elite Four, they kind of stay the same throughout the show too, we do get to see them when they’re alone where they actually act like a family. We also do get to see the softer side of Gamagori but other than Gamagori you really don’t see much character development in the Elite Four.


The fight scenes aren’t really the best fight scenes but they’re still actually really cool. Each person Ryuko fights has different skills and different power sets. She doesn’t only fight people with Goku uniforms she also fights people who don’t even need Goku uniforms but can still go toe to toe with her. It’s really fun to see her have to find new ways to try to beat her opponents when none of her opponents are the same.


Kill La Kill has the art style of a cute anime and it’s actually drawn really good. The characters’ designs go with their personalities and fighting styles. It’s easy to see that the creators actually put time and effort into making the characters. The colors blend beautifully with the designs and fight scenes, the whole show is one beautifully drawn colorful masterpiece. 

Another thing about the design is the voices, I watched the English dubbed version of Kill La Kill. (Yes I know I’m a fake anime fan) If you watch a lot of anime at one point you’re bound to find more than one anime where the subbed voices are better than the dubbed. The voices in Kill La Kill are spot on and everyone is perfect for their role. 

 Satsuki sounds like a woman determined to win no matter what, Ryuko sounds like a girl who just wants to avenge her father, Gamagori sounds like what you expect a disciplinary chairman would sound like, and etc. I haven’t seen one person who’s voice was out of place. 


 I thought Kill La Kill was a funny, well thought out and greatly drawn anime and it really shows the deeper you get into it. This show was and still is one of my top animes to watch and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fighting, great plots and doesn’t want to watch a long anime. (Kill La Kill is only 24 episodes. 25 if you include the bonus episode.) 

 Kill La Kill is definitely a solid 10/10 for me and I highly recommend you go watch it, it’s on Netflix if you have it and a few other sites.

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