Jesus is King


You ever listen to an album and it not only blesses you on a spiritual level but also brings your soul to another place? Well, this isn’t that album, this is something else completely different. I love Christian music and I’ve never really listened to Kanye before so I assumed this would be a good album to check out but was instead left very disappointed.


We’ll start with something that we all can agree can make or break an album, the production. We all know Kanye has enough money to afford a studio session with great quality and he’s had more than enough time to put this album together. With that being said the question is why does this sound like Kanye recorded this off of a Motorola?

 The sound quality isn’t absolutely terrible but it’s definitely not good enough for someone on Kanye’s level. This sounds like if you give a SoundCloud rapper a mic and some beats from those “up and coming” producers in every artist’s comment section. It’s bad enough that every song sounds like a rough draft but it’s made even worse by the fact that Kanye is offbeat most times and has little to no energy.

 The beats are decent sometimes but for the most part, they’re just not good. There was a song produced by Pi’erre Bourne who we all know is not a stranger to making great beats and I couldn’t even tell it was made by Pi’erre.

 Most of the songs come out sounding rushed and sometimes the beat drowns out Kanye’s vocals. (And vocals are important for a song if you didn’t know) It sounds like Kanye found out he had a week to make this album and he did it the night before.

The Message

Jesus Is King? More like Kanye Is King. I heard more about Kanye’s problems and how people think about him than I actually heard about Jesus. Every second of every song is a moment to talk about Kanye which is cool for a regular Kanye album but not one about Jesus himself. He does, of course, mention Jesus in some of the songs but it’s usually briefly and then we’ll get back to more Kanye. 

 The song “Closed On Sunday” sounds like one of those songs that your Sunday school teacher would try to make to seem cool except even worse. “Closed on Sunday, you my chic fil a,” “you’re my number one, with the lemonade.” This is the type of “bars” you can expect from Kanye’s album. I know it’s not all about bars but when you’re listening to an album about Jesus that’s not really about Jesus you try to look for some type of defining quality. 

 Think about your favorite gospel song, think about the lyrics and focus on them right now. Do those songs focus on a specific person that wasn’t in the Bible, and if it doesn’t does it bring up their struggles and how God helped them? Most of you probably just went “no” to the first question and “Yes” to the second one and if you didn’t well I don’t really know what gospel song you’re listening to.

 Every song on Jesus Is King is just a play by play of Kanye’s life. Also, did I forget to tell you that Kanye’s in this album?


I didn’t hate the tracks on the album but I didn’t really think they were all that great. There wasn’t really anything that memorable to me, to be honest. I liked “Every Hour,” it was actually about Jesus and it didn’t have Kanye on it so we didn’t get to hear more about Kanye’s life. “Every Hour” probably had the worst quality in the whole album; however, it’s the only one that’s actually a gospel song. 

 The beat on “Everything I Need” is basic just like every song and Ty Dolla $ign is so auto-tuned on it I didn’t even know it was him. Every beat sounds like the producer downloaded GarageBand on their phone for the first time and threw something together with the basics. The lyrics were a snooze fest if you ask me, I wasn’t expecting the holy grail of bars but I wasn’t expecting “you’re my number one, with the lemonade” either. 

 If you were to listen to this album without any knowledge of it being a gospel album you most likely wouldn’t be able to tell that he even attempted to make one. You’d probably assume it was an album that just so happened to mention God.


Did I hate Jesus Is King? Not really, I don’t think there’s an album I actually hate. Did I have a good time listening to it? Nope, I wish I had picked another album to listen to. What did I think of the album overall? It sounded like a rushed mess that only got clout because Kanye and Jesus’s name was attached to it. If anyone else would’ve made this it would’ve flopped.

 For all the hype that this album was getting I was expecting to at least get a decent album but I got Jesus Is King instead. Let’s get to the rating part already. (Even though we all know where this is going)

For a gospel album, I’ll give this album a 3/10

For a Kanye album, I’ll give it a 4/10

I personally wouldn’t recommend it as a good album to listen to, I’ve seen some people actually enjoy it so don’t let my opinion discourage you from listening to it. This album is one of those “I mean I wouldn’t listen to it but you might like it” type things. Hopefully, the next album is better than whatever this was because I am not impressed.

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