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 Yes, yes I know I’m late again to yet another film. I’ve actually been putting this movie off for a while because I just genuinely did not care at all for this movie.  I had heard of course that it was really cool and stuff like that, but I just never even really wanted to […]


Thank God for Rocketman, finally, there’s a recent movie that I can actually enjoy. I never expected to be watching a movie about Elton John and to be enjoying it as much as I actually did and I enjoyed it very very much. Fair warning, I don’t actually know much about Elton John himself so […]


When it comes to movies Netflix Originals that’s a rocky territory. While you have good movies like Always be my Maybe, you also have bad movies like Bright.  I usually stay away from Netflix Originals not because they’re bad but because a lot of them are just mediocre. One of the movies I liked though […]