Jesus is King


You ever listen to an album and it not only blesses you on a spiritual level but also brings your soul to another place? Well, this isn’t that album, this is something else completely different. I love Christian music and I’ve never really listened to Kanye before so I assumed this would be a good album to check out but was instead left very disappointed.


We’ll start with something that we all can agree can make or break an album, the production. We all know Kanye has enough money to afford a studio session with great quality and he’s had more than enough time to put this album together. With that being said the question is why does this sound like Kanye recorded this off of a Motorola?

 The sound quality isn’t absolutely terrible but it’s definitely not good enough for someone on Kanye’s level. This sounds like if you give a SoundCloud rapper a mic and some beats from those “up and coming” producers in every artist’s comment section. It’s bad enough that every song sounds like a rough draft but it’s made even worse by the fact that Kanye is offbeat most times and has little to no energy.

 The beats are decent sometimes but for the most part, they’re just not good. There was a song produced by Pi’erre Bourne who we all know is not a stranger to making great beats and I couldn’t even tell it was made by Pi’erre.

 Most of the songs come out sounding rushed and sometimes the beat drowns out Kanye’s vocals. (And vocals are important for a song if you didn’t know) It sounds like Kanye found out he had a week to make this album and he did it the night before.

The Message

Jesus Is King? More like Kanye Is King. I heard more about Kanye’s problems and how people think about him than I actually heard about Jesus. Every second of every song is a moment to talk about Kanye which is cool for a regular Kanye album but not one about Jesus himself. He does, of course, mention Jesus in some of the songs but it’s usually briefly and then we’ll get back to more Kanye. 

 The song “Closed On Sunday” sounds like one of those songs that your Sunday school teacher would try to make to seem cool except even worse. “Closed on Sunday, you my chic fil a,” “you’re my number one, with the lemonade.” This is the type of “bars” you can expect from Kanye’s album. I know it’s not all about bars but when you’re listening to an album about Jesus that’s not really about Jesus you try to look for some type of defining quality. 

 Think about your favorite gospel song, think about the lyrics and focus on them right now. Do those songs focus on a specific person that wasn’t in the Bible, and if it doesn’t does it bring up their struggles and how God helped them? Most of you probably just went “no” to the first question and “Yes” to the second one and if you didn’t well I don’t really know what gospel song you’re listening to.

 Every song on Jesus Is King is just a play by play of Kanye’s life. Also, did I forget to tell you that Kanye’s in this album?


I didn’t hate the tracks on the album but I didn’t really think they were all that great. There wasn’t really anything that memorable to me, to be honest. I liked “Every Hour,” it was actually about Jesus and it didn’t have Kanye on it so we didn’t get to hear more about Kanye’s life. “Every Hour” probably had the worst quality in the whole album; however, it’s the only one that’s actually a gospel song. 

 The beat on “Everything I Need” is basic just like every song and Ty Dolla $ign is so auto-tuned on it I didn’t even know it was him. Every beat sounds like the producer downloaded GarageBand on their phone for the first time and threw something together with the basics. The lyrics were a snooze fest if you ask me, I wasn’t expecting the holy grail of bars but I wasn’t expecting “you’re my number one, with the lemonade” either. 

 If you were to listen to this album without any knowledge of it being a gospel album you most likely wouldn’t be able to tell that he even attempted to make one. You’d probably assume it was an album that just so happened to mention God.


Did I hate Jesus Is King? Not really, I don’t think there’s an album I actually hate. Did I have a good time listening to it? Nope, I wish I had picked another album to listen to. What did I think of the album overall? It sounded like a rushed mess that only got clout because Kanye and Jesus’s name was attached to it. If anyone else would’ve made this it would’ve flopped.

 For all the hype that this album was getting I was expecting to at least get a decent album but I got Jesus Is King instead. Let’s get to the rating part already. (Even though we all know where this is going)

For a gospel album, I’ll give this album a 3/10

For a Kanye album, I’ll give it a 4/10

I personally wouldn’t recommend it as a good album to listen to, I’ve seen some people actually enjoy it so don’t let my opinion discourage you from listening to it. This album is one of those “I mean I wouldn’t listen to it but you might like it” type things. Hopefully, the next album is better than whatever this was because I am not impressed.


Thank God for Rocketman, finally, there’s a recent movie that I can actually enjoy. I never expected to be watching a movie about Elton John and to be enjoying it as much as I actually did and I enjoyed it very very much. Fair warning, I don’t actually know much about Elton John himself so I won’t be able to rate the movie based on its portrayal of Elton John’s life. Instead, I’ll be rating it off of the movie itself and everything in this beautiful work of art.


Rocketman is about Elton John as tells his life to a group in rehab after having bad experiences with drugs. The movie tells his story through his eyes starting from when he was a child all the way to his adulthood. The movie also has many musical numbers throughout the movie making it an even more enjoyable movie.


Let’s start with one of the most important parts of a film and that’s the cast of course. The cast of Rocketman is fantastic if you ask me. (even though no one asked me) Taron Egerton channels his inner Elton perfectly and portrays his emotions and problems like a true actor. I’ve never seen any other movies featuring Taron so I was skeptical of someone I never heard of playing Elton but I was totally not disappointed. 

 Jamie Bell played Bernie nicely and it actually felt like he wasn’t even acting. Jamie actually played the part of the best friend who cares as if he actually cared for Taron on a personal level. Some times he can come off as a bit stale but there wasn’t much he could do with the character that wasn’t already great.

 Bryce Dallas Howard, Elton’s mother was the cold-hearted woman we needed for this movie. Her acting for the part was indeed nothing but spectacular. You can definitely see she got inspiration from old black and white movies and puts it into her role and makes it fit perfectly.

 Steven Mackintosh who played Elton’s dad also fit his role to perfection. If I needed someone to play a cold-hearted father who’s a douche to his son I’d definitely call Steven. Steven just has this charm as if he knows what he’s doing and how it’s affecting people but he just doesn’t care and it’s exactly what’s needed for this character. 

 I’m sure you already know what I’m going to say about the rest of the cast. The casting was perfect and I honestly couldn’t have found better people to play these roles.


I never actually listened to Elton John before this movie but now I have a full playlist of Elton John songs on my phone. This movie picked the best songs to put on this movie such as “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “Rocketman,” and “I’m Still Standing”. I’ve never had one movie put me on to so much heat before. 

 The songs were also timed out very well, each song was spaced long enough not to be bothersome and short enough so you don’t forget there are musical numbers in this movie. I don’t know if the songs are actually sung by Taron but his performance is on point. He performs with the grace of a person who’s breaking out of their shell and loves what they do.

 The choreography is also really good, the dances went with the songs and weren’t too distracting from the movie. The choreography plus the beautiful music just made the movie so much better.


The story itself was great, it shows the struggles Elton had to go through and not only was I able to feel it but I was able to relate. Seeing the pain and problems Elton faced such as being a closeted gay definitely struck home for a bisexual guy like me whose parents never really took his coming out very well. 

 The script didn’t try to put too much into the story or try to push any of the story anything on us. It showed everything we needed to see in a well-timed manner while also making it exciting and fun. The movie managed to keep me entertained and invested in it while also feeling for Elton instead of being bored out of my mind waiting for it to end like most movies. This movie doesn’t try to pull your heart string it just does.


The movie was amazing it had perfect casting, perfect music, and a perfectly written story what else could you want? I can’t really find anything wrong with this movie and I actually think this is movie of the year and will probably win one or more awards. As a person who usually hates recent movies because most of them are cash grabs I actually really really recommend this movie.

 I rate this movie a 9.5/10


Who loves Charli XCX? I DO. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system we can get this started. Today I’ll be reviewing Charli XCXs new album “Charli” Now if you know me you know I listen to everything from Taylor Swift all the way to Blueface and if there’s one person I can’t deny has been making hits it’s gotta be Charli.

A couple months ago I tried listening to one of Charli’s albums but I didn’t like it and ended up not finishing the album. I actually forgot which album it was which only shows how much I didn’t like it. I put this one off because I was scared the album would be garbage and she would only be putting out hot singles. That definitely wasn’t the case.


Most people in Charli’s genre don’t usually have a lot of features so I definitely noticed that ten of her fifteen track album had features. However, the features are carefully picked and you can tell this isn’t just random people hopping on songs that don’t need them. 

Charli has features from people such as Big Freedia (aka the queen of bounce) Lizzo, and even Pablo Vittar, etc. Most of the songs would still be great without a feature but they were made even better with the features added to them. Gone, Cross You Out, and 1999 are the first songs with features on the album and they’re perfectly made hits. 

Each person on this album has chemistry with Charli and fits their song perfectly. I haven’t found one feature that didn’t do their thing on the songs they were on. Even the unknown features such as Kim Petras came in and made me go “Who is this?”


Production can make or break an album. You can have all the bars in the world but if you’re music makes my ears bleed, I’m not going to listen to it and neither is anybody else. The production on Charli is great to say the least. She puts her futuristic style on each of her songs in a way that makes you want to replay each one of them.

The effects are well thought out and aren’t just used for the sake of using sound effects. The sound quality was decent, not too loud and not too quiet plus it wasn’t scratchy which is good. Listening to the whole album I can tell she took the time to carefully pick the sound effects and make each song sound good. This album isn’t an album that you could just make in a week or two unless you were a music wiz.


Banger, banger, and even more bangers. Each song is fire from the start of the album to the end. The only thing wrong with the track list is that the songs sometimes flip flop between emotions. One moment I’m sitting here listening to a low love song and the next one is an upbeat pop song. Despite the album making you question your emotions, it all follows the theme “love”.

Each song talks about Charli being in love with an unknown person which makes the album complete seeing as it follows it’s theme perfectly. The album itself seems like a type of album another artist would make to try new things but this is Charli at her best. She definitely brings her whole self and puts her love and pain into the songs she makes.

If I had to recommend some songs, I’d say Warm, Thoughts, Silver Cross, White Mercedes, and Blame It On Your Love were definitely my top five.


The album was better than I expected and to be honest it looks like I expect almost everything I try out to be bad these days. Charli had good production, good features, great songs, and just a great album in general. All of that put together earns this album a 9/10 and would definitely get recommended.

Kill la Kill

Are you looking for a fighting anime? What about a show with beautiful amazing fight scenes? Are you also looking for something to watch that also has a great plot, great character development, and cool antagonist? Well, look no further because Kill La Kill is the anime for you!!!

 Before I start this review I just want to say I absolutely love Kill La Kill, I’ve watched it three times and each time I loved it even more. Although it is a good show it does indeed have its flaws just like everything else and we’ll get to that later and as much as I love this show I’ll try my best to give a fully unbiased opinion.


Let’s start with the most important part of any show, the plot. Kill La Kill is an anime made by Trigger who also made other shows like Witch Academia. The show revolves around the main character Ryuko Matoi a 17-year-old girl on a path to find her dad’s killer. (Oh brother how many times have we heard this one am I right?)

 In Ryukos world people wear clothes made out of life fibers; life fibers are used to make clothes that when in contact with human skin makes the wearer unbelievably strong. Ryukos last time seeing her dad was after he was stabbed with his own scissor blade except for only half of the scissor blade was left behind. After going on a quest to find the person with the other half of the scissor blade she ends up finding Satsuki Kiryuin who she suspects is the killer of her father (don’t worry I’m not spoiling much, this all happens in the first episode)

 Satsuki tells Ryuko that she won’t fight her until she beats all of the students with Goku uniforms. Goku uniforms are uniforms made from life fibers made specifically for the wearer, for example, the leader of the boxing club got boxing based Goku uniform that gave him boxing-related powers. Ryuko has her own version of a Goku uniform called a Kamui which I’ll explain a little later.

 The beginning of Kill La Kill is slow and if you’re just starting the show you might think it’s just another anime that just uses the basic stories that every other anime uses. You’re tricked into thinking that the plot is going to be a bland snore fest and then shit drastically changes and you’re constantly wondering what’s going to happen next. (I’m trying my best not to spoil the many awesome things that happen in this show so you’ll just have to trust me that this is definitely worth it.)

 I can’t really go further into the plot without spoiling it for you so I’ll just go straight into my next section and that is…

Character Development

The main characters in the show are Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin. Mako and the Elite Four also have a big presence in the show but they’re usually only there when Ryuko or Satsuki is involved. The Elite Four consists of Gamagori, Jakuzure, Sanageyama, and Inumuta. The character development isn’t really that great if we’re being honest. Ryukos development isn’t that bad, we get to see her go from being a punk who only listens to her self to a girl with a punk mentality but knows she’s not only looking out for her self. 

 Satsuki doesn’t change much at all, even the flashbacks show that she’s been the same since she was a kid. There are times where they show her having a softer side that she rarely shows but other than that she’s just the same old Satsuki.

 Senketsu is her Kamui which is an outfit made out of 100% life fibers, although he is a sailor outfit he’s able to speak and be heard by Ryuko. Senketsu does have his own development, he goes from trying to protect Ryuko to being one of her best friends and they both love each other like brother and sister.

 Mako is Ryuko’s best friend. (Well only friend technically) Mako is a classic slacker with good intentions and a heart of gold, she loves Ryuko and wants to do everything she can to help Ryuko not lose her self in the process of finding her father’s killer. In the beginning, Mako comes off as annoying and pushy but you get used to her at one point; you don’t really get to see her character development until you get toward the end where she actually plays an important role. 

 As for the Elite Four, they kind of stay the same throughout the show too, we do get to see them when they’re alone where they actually act like a family. We also do get to see the softer side of Gamagori but other than Gamagori you really don’t see much character development in the Elite Four.


The fight scenes aren’t really the best fight scenes but they’re still actually really cool. Each person Ryuko fights has different skills and different power sets. She doesn’t only fight people with Goku uniforms she also fights people who don’t even need Goku uniforms but can still go toe to toe with her. It’s really fun to see her have to find new ways to try to beat her opponents when none of her opponents are the same.


Kill La Kill has the art style of a cute anime and it’s actually drawn really good. The characters’ designs go with their personalities and fighting styles. It’s easy to see that the creators actually put time and effort into making the characters. The colors blend beautifully with the designs and fight scenes, the whole show is one beautifully drawn colorful masterpiece. 

Another thing about the design is the voices, I watched the English dubbed version of Kill La Kill. (Yes I know I’m a fake anime fan) If you watch a lot of anime at one point you’re bound to find more than one anime where the subbed voices are better than the dubbed. The voices in Kill La Kill are spot on and everyone is perfect for their role. 

 Satsuki sounds like a woman determined to win no matter what, Ryuko sounds like a girl who just wants to avenge her father, Gamagori sounds like what you expect a disciplinary chairman would sound like, and etc. I haven’t seen one person who’s voice was out of place. 


 I thought Kill La Kill was a funny, well thought out and greatly drawn anime and it really shows the deeper you get into it. This show was and still is one of my top animes to watch and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fighting, great plots and doesn’t want to watch a long anime. (Kill La Kill is only 24 episodes. 25 if you include the bonus episode.) 

 Kill La Kill is definitely a solid 10/10 for me and I highly recommend you go watch it, it’s on Netflix if you have it and a few other sites.

Awakening of Heroes

Is MOBA actually slowly dying? I recently saw a new game on the app store for a MOBA that hadn’t been released yet and was open for beta testing and me being the MOBA lover I am ended up downloading it. I wasn’t expecting the game to be game of the year, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this boring either.

 The game is called Awakening of Heroes, which sounded pretty cool to me and got me interested until I saw the pictures. The pictures of the game looked like it was directed to kids more than it was for older players. After a few weeks of dodging it, I finally decided to play it after rage quitting Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and it was exactly what I thought it would be but even more disappointing.

 The game is a simple MOBA that follows the same rules as Mobile Legends, there are three turrets in each lane and you and your team’s objective is to destroy three turrets in one lane to get to the other team’s base and destroy it while also protecting your own base. It sounds simple but when done right it can actually be pretty fun. 

 The map on Awakening of Heroes really isn’t that big, I get that it isn’t supposed to be this big giant free for all map but it seems pretty small compared to other MOBAs. The gameplay is decent but is ruined by how relatively easy the game actually is. 

 If you’re an experienced player, like me, then this game is going to suck for you. The players on this game aren’t really bad but they’re not that good either. In a span of five games, I only got one death and got MVP more than twice. Most of the players seem like they’re just now learning how to play MOBA which isn’t bad but it’s not fun when three people attack you at once and you kill them all with no problem. 

 At first, I thought I was just using an OP character until I used a new character every game and still ended up getting MVP. I got the MVP using a close-range fighter and I’m absolute trash with anything close-ranged.

 The game does have cool features like the gear that you get to use in the game, the pumpkin cannon is actually pretty nice if you know how to use it correctly. The characters are for kids with names like McBacon and other names of the same nature. 

 The ranked games aren’t really any better than the original games, they both have the exact same type of players no matter how far you get. The game is so easy that instead of taking at least 15 to 30 minutes per match like a regular MOBA I ended up winning four matches in ten minutes and each time I blew through the enemies and turrets like it was nothing.

 I tried playing other modes too so I could get the whole experience and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed at all because it’s the same problems in every mode. There aren’t any characters that are more overpowered than others which is good, if you’re good at the game you’ll have no problems actually winning the game. The game is a decent game to start with if you’re not a hard-core MOBA player and just want to play something casual and easy.

 I give this game a 5/10 because it actually has the potential to be a pretty good game it just needs more players or at least more challenging players.

Into the Spider Verse


I thought this movie wasn’t going to be this good, I honestly didn’t. I came into this movie already prepared to be unimpressed, and boy was I wrong. 

 Let’s talk about the good stuff first because there are plenty of good things about this movie. The fight scenes are pretty decent, they’re not really the greatest fight scenes in the world but they’re not the worst. The fight scenes are still really fun and go well with the movie. 

 If you’re coming for a super big plot you’ll be disappointed, the plot is really simple and doesn’t try to be anything bigger than it is. If you’ve never read the comics you’ll still be able to follow the plot and have a good time. The plot is about a world where they lose their Spider-Man and Miles Morales has to take up the role of the new Spider-Man. The main villain Kingpin ends up accidentally bringing multiple versions of Spiderman from different dimensions into his dimension. The Spider-Men and woman all have to team up to stop Kingpin from creating a black hole under Brooklyn with his collider.

 The characters themselves are fun and seeing a wide variety of these spider people on the screen makes it even more fun. Even the voicing for the characters is really good, I didn’t know that I needed John Mulaney to play Spiderham. At first, I didn’t expect the person that voiced Miles would be a perfect fit, not because he’s a bad actor but because I just didn’t think he’d have the voice to play Miles but I sure was wrong. Now that I’ve heard the voice for Miles I can’t see anybody else playing him. The voice actors themselves are all 10/10s.

One bad thing that I noticed is the movie goes fast. I know it’s literally a two hour movie but it’s still fast to me. Some times the scenes just switch to different ones without giving other scenes a time to breathe. But other than that the timing is pretty solid and when it does try to be sad it actually kind of works and makes you feel for Miles and all of the other characters. 

 The soundtrack was pretty decent, there were a few songs that felt a bit out of place in the movie while there were also songs that just felt perfect. I didn’t really find any songs that were terribly out of place. There also weren’t any really memorable songs. I give the soundtrack around an 8/10.

The vibe was chill and goofy with a little bit of sadness thrown in. The movie is exactly what you would look for in an animated superhero movie. The movie is something that kids will love and the parents will also be able to enjoy it too. I would really recommend this movie for anyone into the superhero genre but doesn’t want to watch anything too serious.

Overall I give the movie a strong 10/10.


When it comes to movies Netflix Originals that’s a rocky territory. While you have good movies like Always be my Maybe, you also have bad movies like Bright.  I usually stay away from Netflix Originals not because they’re bad but because a lot of them are just mediocre. One of the movies I liked though was a movie called Beats.

Beats is a movie about a kid named August who suffers from PTSD after watching his sister die in front of him. August has a talent for making beats and starts taking it more seriously after his sister dies. Months go by and August never leaves his house and attends school at home. August ends up meeting a security guard who works at the school who also turns out to be a manager.

The story might turn you off at first as it did to me. When I first heard it I thought “just another trash ass Netflix Original.” It turns out the movie isn’t actually that bad.

 Let’s start with the story, story-wise the movie was actually pretty good. It was exactly what you expect from a Netflix original, not too much yet not too little. Each scene was well paced and it all felt like they were supposed to be in the movie and not just a bunch of random scenes. Even the side characters have a somewhat compelling storyline that makes you feel for them. The only thing that felt unnecessary was the beef with August and the other guy that had a crush on the same girl, it felt unneeded in a movie with enough stories already.

 The acting was decent, everyone fit their roles which was a surprise since I thought most of the actors would ruin the movie. The person who plays August does a good job of making you believe he’s a kid with a trauma disorder. The acting might seem a little awkward sometimes but it mostly feels real, like they’re just being themselves.

 One bad thing about this movie is how much it tries to shove the “people die in these streets” theme down your throat. I’ve watched Boys in the Hood and Baby boy so I already saw this before. It just feels like every character in the movie has had someone close to them die and it’s not that interesting after a certain point.

 The beats were actually pretty dope too. I feel like most of the movie is just good in general and it knows it. The movie doesn’t try to act like a big Hollywood movie but still takes itself seriously. It’s a good movie if you’re bored and have nothing to watch and I would definitely watch it again. 

 I give the movie a 7/10


Let’s talk about music for a minute. Now I know this is a rather old album, but it’s one of my favorites so I felt like it should be in one of my reviews. The album I’ll be reviewing today is Red by Taylor Swift, and I’ll try to give you a brutally honest review even though I absolutely love this album.

Red is a studio album from the Queen herself, Taylor Swift. Now I know some people might be turned off by Taylor Swift’s music ( aka “masculine guys”), but Red is something special if you’re into the Pop/Country type vibe.

 Most people assume Taylor Swift only makes break up music, and to be honest I can see how it would seem like that if you weren’t that much of a fan. I can also see how Red doesn’t help her distance herself from the “break up” music she usually makes. The thing about Red is even though it’s more sad type love songs with a mix of upbeat songs, it doesn’t feel like she’s trying to be a sad writer; instead, the whole album feels real.

The album feels like Taylor Swift poured her whole heart into this album.  Each song sounds like she’s talking about real-life experiences. This album is more than just the typical sad pop album; it’s a diary into Taylor Swift’s life.

The song selections are great too and are placed in an order where you can listen to the whole album back to back. The selection has a good balance between slow sad songs, and upbeat so you are not put into a tear induced coma. 

 My top five songs from the album are Red, The Last Time, Stay Stay Stay, Starlight, and Everything Has Changed. The other songs on the album are great songs, but those songs just hit me more than the others. Another song that hit me too was Sad Beautiful Tragic. That song really makes you feel for Taylor and if you’re like me it might put you in your feelings. 

Production wise the album is pretty solid, there aren’t any songs that I can name that have anything wrong with their production. Most of the songs are well timed and produced beautifully. Taylor makes this album seem like it’s effortless, but I can tell you, as an artist myself, it takes more effort than you might think to make an album like this.

 For the people who don’t like Taylor’s music based on the overplayed songs like We Are Never Getting Back Together and 22,  you’re in luck because the album only has two or three of those songs while the rest of the album is pure gold in a bottle. I’m not saying 22 and We Are Never Getting Back Together are bad songs because I love those songs but I can honestly see how it would be annoying if you heard it 100 times. Even then songs like We Are Never Getting Back Together tells a story that most people can relate to if they took the time to listen to it.

 Taylor’s words and lyrics are simple but they’re relatable, almost everyone has experienced a bad break up or been broken-hearted before (Even that tough guy at the gym with all of those tattoos). Taylor makes good relatable music for people that have gone through breakups and other things like that but I can still see why some people wouldn’t like her singing pop style of doing it. I feel like Taylor is putting her raw emotions in a song but at the same time, she’s making you happy and want to sing even though you’re remembering that one person that got away from you.

 I give a Red a 9.5 and would recommend it to anyone who listens to Taylor’s type of music or has been wanting to get into Taylor Swift’s music, it’s definitely worth giving a listen.


Of course, my first anime review had to be one of the G.O.A.Ts. I feel like it’s kind of lame to review an anime that so many people have already reviewed. However, I feel like most reviews for Naruto might be over-hyped and that’s what I’m here to give you the straight facts.

Is Naruto a good anime? Hell yes. Is Naruto one of my favorites? How could it not be? Does Naruto live up to the hype? Ehhhhhh.

Naruto starts off slow but in a good way; it lets you get to know the characters while also seeing some action. Which lets you know what type of anime it is straight from the jump. The chemistry between Naruto and Sasuke is dope and it really does help make some arcs better.

The chemistry between Naruto and Sakura is kind of lame, to be honest. It’s funny at times but most times it seems really annoying and not entertaining at all. One of the few things about Naruto that I feel everyone can agree is bad is Sakura.

Sakura herself isn’t really that bad. I understand that not every ninja is going to be hella dope like Kakashi but when you’re on an all-star team with Naruto and Sasuke, while being led by Kakashi you’d assume she’d at least be better. I feel like Sakura wouldn’t even be that bad if she at least had a good story arch (which she doesn’t).

Unlike Naruto and Sasuke who have both experienced losses, can relate to each other and have an interesting story arch’s, Sakura has nothing. Even her moments of courage are lame and don’t do anything to push the plot at all.

Another bad thing about Naruto is the filler episodes, it was cool in the beginning but at one point it starts to get bothersome. There are so many fillers in between the arch where Sasuke went with Orochimaru. It gets to the point where it feels like they just forgot about Sasuke in general. You get to episode 196 and still don’t hear anything about Sasuke and the show is almost over.

The good thing about Naruto is Naruto himself. Naruto’s whole back story is compelling beginning to end and the arches where they focus specifically on Naruto make you feel for him. The only thing about Naruto is the talk no Jutsu which is a fan-made Jutsu.

Talk no Jutsu means that Naruto can talk to any villain and turn them into a good guy again and to be honest I understand why some people think he has that power. I’m aware that he’s fought multiple people who he hasn’t been able to talk out of being evil. Still, you can’t pretend he hasn’t used talk no Jutsu more than at least 10 times. Almost every arch feels like some villain is getting taught a lesson. Even Might Guy used talk no Jutsu before.

Around the chunin exams arc, you might also feel like they’re not focusing on Naruto as much anymore. I remember thinking, “Am I watching Naruto or Sasuke?” Don’t worry though it focuses on Naruto again at one point.

Fight wise Naruto has great fights, Naruto, Sasuke, Rock Lee, and Jaraiya all have super cool fights and I recommend paying attention when you see any of those characters about to get serious. Jutsu wise Naruto doesn’t really have that many cool jutsus; it feels like most of the characters use the same jutsus and nothing else (I’m looking at you Kiba). Even most of the villains only use one or two jutsus that they have to figure out to be able to get past them.

Story-wise Naruto is really good if you get past all the fillers but even the fillers can be fun too. I actually enjoyed the filler where they tried to see Kakashi’s mouth. The show really knows how to put you on an emotional roller coaster and make you feel for the characters. I’m not going to spoil anything but the episode where Naruto was chasing Sasuke while he was in the barrel and all his teammates were fighting the villains 1v1 had me in tears. 

 I think Naruto is a really good anime to start on if you’ve never watched an anime before and most people will generally enjoy it not just weebs. Naruto is a great anime and I give it a 9/10 and recommend that any beginners looking for anime to get into should definitely give it a try.