Swag 3

I’m back, with the review nobody asked for at all. I was in the bathroom, I opened my music app and saw Almighty King Draco aka Soulja Boy had decided to drop an album. 

Now if you’re like me you probably thought “he still makes music?” After that, you probably decided to see if it was good by listening to it or reading this review.

Now that we’re done with the introduction let’s dive into Swag 3 by Soulja Boy.


At the top of my website, it says something like “all facts no bull shit”. So you can expect this to be a pure unbiased review of this album. 

Surprisingly production-wise this album was pretty decent. There wasn’t anything mixed wrong or anything that used any weird effects.

The ad-libs and effects were pretty basic but they weren’t bad. I can tell someone with experience helped mix his songs.

The beats were pretty good and helped distract you with whatever the hell Soulja Boy was rapping about. I didn’t hear any beat that didn’t make me bounce my head to it.


I’m going to be honest, I’m trying so hard not to just completely shit on this album. This album is… something.

The production was good but that doesn’t mean the album itself was, my first problem is all the damn auto-tune.

Soulja Boy for some reason went into the booth and said “I think everyone will love to hear me sing through most of this album”. I can tell you right now, no one wanted that.

I get that sometimes you want to sing every once in a while or mess around with autotune but more than half of his songs are made this way.

If you’re wondering, “can he at least sing?” I’ll answer that for you. No, he can’t sing at all. 

Some parts sound decent because of the autotune but he instantly ruins it by trying to actually sing and stretching out the autotune making it super noticeable.

Now let’s get into the actual songs, they weren’t that good. I got to the third song and thought “When did I listen to two damn songs??”

I listened to his first song titled “Aw” and thought, “Aw man this song fucking blows.”

The songs are purely repetitive and the only things you notice are the hooks and that’s only while listening to them.

Once you listen to a song you instantly forget what you just listened to and when you start the next song you think “why am I listening to this shit?”

Did he have any good songs? He had some decent songs and I say decent to be polite.

Would I play this album near my friends? Not unless I wanted to never be passed the aux again.

Also, the album is 36 minutes long with 16 songs that all have no features.

I don’t know if Soulja Boy thought, “I don’t need any damn features” or he just couldn’t get any features but if he thought the first one he was wrong as hell.

 Soulja Boy literally said and I quote, “Designer, recliner, my diamonds, trip to China”. Every time I listened to the lyrics I couldn’t stop feeling embarrassed for him. 

I’m just going to say these songs sucked. I didn’t like them at all and I regretted listening to any of this at all.


I probably couldn’t even name 5 songs that I genuinely liked or would put in my playlist, I could name one or two but not five, and two is a stretch.

Without further ado here are the 5 worst songs on Swag 3.

Headed To The Bag, I’m On It, Celine, Aw, We Up, and In Here.

Yes, I know I put 6 instead of 5 but I don’t care, to be honest I wanted to put even more and the more I listen to this album the more list grows.


I’ll just say it, I hate this album. I will not be listening to this album ever again unless it’s to make fun of this album.

I’m not saying he can’t make good music, he had a few good songs last year and the year before but this shit right here is not something to be proud of.

I knew I wouldn’t like every song on the album but I didn’t think I would hate every song off of the album either.

I feel like some of these songs would be decent singles but after listening to 16 of the same damn songs you start to get tired.

I’m just going to wrap this up and get right to the rating. 

This album is an absolute 3/10, the beats were cool and the production was alright I’ll give him that but this album sucked and there’s no other way of putting it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

 I love cartoons more than anybody else. Of course, I love live action tv, but cartoons just go places live action can’t.

 I originally was going to do a review on Avatar The Last AirBender around a year or two ago. I ended up trashing it because the review I wrote wasn’t good enough.

 I rewatched the show and to be honest I’m glad that I didn’t use that review. Rewatching helped me see things I didn’t see before. 

 I’ll make sure to keep this review as spoiler free as I can.


 The story takes place one hundred years after the fire nation starts a war with the Earth, Water, and Air nations that ends up with the Air nomads completely wiped out.

 The only person who could possibly stop the war and save the world is the avatar who’s been missing for one hundred years.

 After a hundred years the avatar, an air bender named Aang is found frozen in an iceberg in the water tribe where he is freed and has to get accustomed to the new world he is in and master the four elements in time to defeat the firelord.

 Plot wise the show is simple and easy to follow, it follows Aang and his friends as they go around the world trying to help him master all of the elements.

 What makes the plot so good though is the way it effortlessly flows through the episodes and hits you when you least expect it. 

 In the beginning everything is pretty slow and you don’t see much that makes you really feel amazed with the show. 

 Once the second season starts is when things get way more interesting. The episodes in the second and third season show more depth into each character. It also shows you what everyone is personally struggling with.

 Not only do you see how the characters are struggling internally, but you see how other people in the world are being affected by the war and how they’ve coped with their pain.

 The show doesn’t do too much or try too hard to make you feel a certain way, instead it just goes through its story unbothered and carefree.

 The story is written carefully and makes it to where everything matters and even the little things come back to be a part of something even bigger.


 Animation means so much to a cartoon but that doesn’t even need to be said. Good animation can have you sad without the characters even saying a word.

 The animation in The Last Airbender is really good especially for the time it was made. There was a lot of detail put into the characters and surroundings in the background. 

 The fight scenes in a lot of episodes were pure art that needed no words to be powerful. I can also tell that they did their research before drawing the characters and their clothing as well.

 The animation for this show was perfect and played into the silly, serious, and fun tone of the whole show.


 The characters in The Last Airbender were each unique in their own way and never overstayed their welcome.

 Each character has their own style and personality that makes them stand out and be remembered. 

 Each character also has their own character development and personal problems that set them apart from the others as well.

 I can’t deny that sometimes it seems like certain characters get over whatever is bothering them or conquer some struggles pretty fast which is annoying but it’s like that in a lot of children’s cartoons.

 It also is really nice to see each character go from a bunch of boring characters with nothing outstanding to the grown developed characters we know and love.

 The writers made sure that we didn’t forget that each character is a person with feelings and that each character in the main group is still a kid struggling with adult problems.

I loved every character in the show to be honest, even the antagonists in the show had their own stories and development that made you feel for them. 

 All I can say is that for a children’s show the characters were really well written.


 I loved the show ever since I first watched it, as of right now I’ve watched it three times in total. The show was well written, animated, and just a well made show in general.

 After putting everything into consideration I have to give this show a 10/10 and would definitely recommend.

Lost Feathers 2

 I’m writing this review on a Sunday morning and to be honest I picked the best time to listen to this album. There’s nothing like listening to something with some good soul and feelings on a Sunday morning if you ask me. 

 Hummingbird is an artist that I’ve had the pleasure to speak to and see perform in person multiple times. His music had always intrigued me.

 Not many people make music that Hummingbird does and the ones that do are usually overlooked it we’re being real.

 When I was told about the upcoming album I made sure to keep an ear out for it. I know the review is a week or two late (like usual) but this time Apple Music put the album late. (As usual)


 The first thing I do when listening to an album is listen to the production.

 If a song has terrible audio quality, the ad libs are too loud, etc, etc… I can almost guarantee you I will turn it off.

 Lost Feathers 2 is pretty well produced. There was nothing that needed to be mastered again or anything that was too loud or low.

 The vocals were magnificent. I love hearing a voice with soul and emotions in it. I could clearly hear the lyrics in the song as well as the beat with it.

 The vocals flowed smoothly with no feedback and were simply one with the beat. 

 The beats he picked definitely complimented his style with a mix of upbeat pop and slow conscious type beats. 

 The background vocals folded nicely in with the main vocals and didn’t clash or play over the main ones.

 Overall production wise the album was really well put together. There wasn’t anything I could say bad about the production.

Track list

 The track list of an album can leave a person confused or can leave them lost in their emotions. 

 This tracklist was well placed and each song played off of each other. Even the upbeat songs weren’t completely random and gave a refreshing sound right when you’re deep in thought. 

 There’s songs for everybody on this album if you want to be deep in thought there’s a song for that, want something catchy there’s a song for that too.

 I was wondering how the features were going to be able to feed off of Hummingbirds energy and if they would be able to come in nice on the beats he picked. 

 The features each did their own thing in their own way and brought something unique to each song. It was nice to hear a mix of vocals that blend well together.

 The tracklist sounds like something your parents would put on while cleaning or just to chill in the living room and be happy. 

 Each song has a vibe that says “Life is pretty scary but I still wouldn’t want it any other way.” 

 Lost Feathers 2 definitely has a theme and it sticks to it the whole way through. It’s a really good album to vibe to.


 We all know there’s always going to be some favorites in an album so here’s which ones are in my top five. 

 Lion To The Wolves, Ascension, Hxp feat. Phx, Release, and Eleven. 

 All the songs are pretty good but I love those songs the most and I know I’ll be listening to them more than the rest. 


 This album has really good energy. I even did my daily meditations with the album in the background.

 It’s a nice album to wake up to on a Sunday morning and just take in the vibes.

 It gives off a gospel and soulful vibe that brings back a genre that most people have completely forgotten about.

 I don’t usually actually listen to this type of music but I’ll definitely be looking more into it.

 Overall I give this album a solid 9/10 and can’t wait to hear what comes next.


 SHITYBOYZZZZ!!!!! (Had to do that shit at least once)

 I love any music that can go hard and also leave me with something memorable after. Not everybody wants to listen to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar all the time. (All due respect to the goats)

 The Shittyboyz always come with some fun music that’s guaranteed to make you bounce and go, “Yo what did this man just say?”

 When I heard StanWill was dropping his first solo album, you know I had to tune in for the review. Enough talking though let’s get right into it.


 Real fans know that production wise the Shittyboyz have really come a long way. The production compared to the songs that were dropped in the beginning of Stans career definitely aren’t touching these.

 The beats all have a 90s sample type of theme. Which makes it even greater that he’s going with a specific thing and not just doing a bunch of random songs with random beats.

 Each beat had a vibe and feel that just puts you in a great mood no matter who you are. All I have to say is StanWill definitely has a good ear for beats.

 The verses were mixed well too which isn’t surprising since I Stan makes beats. I would assume he’s a wizard with the mastering.

 The beats didn’t drown out the vocals which is a problem with a lot of upcoming rappers these days. The ad libs weren’t too high and didn’t get mixed into the vocals either.

 Production wise I can definitely tell that Stan actually went and mixed and mastered this instead of just recording and dropping the song.

Track list

 I expected nothing but fire from StanWill and guess what I got… SOME DAMN FIRE. 

 Each track played well off of each other and had you in a constant hype with no rest.

 The features on each song did exactly what they needed to do and StanWill made sure that no one outshined him. He just came in with punchline after punchline. 

 The album was only thirty minutes long. It was long enough for you not to get bored, but not short enough for you to be left without contempt. 

 I couldn’t name one song that didn’t go with the theme of the album or sounded out of place. 

 The tracklist leaves you with enough fire to leave you contempt for a while but still has you waiting for more from StanWill.


 There were a lot of songs that were fire but as usual every album has songs that stand out more than others.

 My top five would definitely have to be Batman, Critical, Kaioken, Floyd Gretzky, and Sensational.

 Each one of these songs had fire beats, fire punchlines, and absolute fire energy.


 StanWill made sure to show his ass this album. He made sure to prove that he can hold his own and isn’t under anybody’s shadow. (But real fans knew that already)

 I wasn’t disappointed with this album at all and I already put most of these songs in my playlists and will have them on replay all day.

 After taking everything into consideration I definitely have to give this a solid ass 9/10. Stan came and signed his name in the rap game with this one.

 StanWill has hella potential to get better and better and if you’ve been watching for a while you’ll notice that he’s already been doing exactly that. 

 I would definitely recommend this album if you want something fun to listen to and just have a good time. 


 Once again I am late, at least I’m not as late as I usually am. Either way I’m still completely late which is lame.

 Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists of all time. (cue the gay jokes) I don’t care what you say. There’s a reason Gaga is held on such a pedestal.

 Gaga will wash any of your favorite singers no matter what and I stand on that. With all that being said let’s get into this review.


 I feel like we all know Gaga is not about to come with anything less than fire production. Could you imagine listening to a Gaga song with SoundCloud rapper production?

 Gaga came in with her futuristic vibe that she’s perfected over the years. The effects on the vocals all give off a futuristic space vibe which isn’t surprising just from looking at the cover.

 Almost all of the beats are a mix of pop and dubstep. To be honest some of the beats started sounding repetitive, but for the most part they were all fire.

 One of the beat drops had me looking like I ate some sour candy. (Anybody who’s experienced a fire beat drop knows what I mean.)

 There were a few effects and instruments in certain songs that I wasn’t expecting but still were great. 

 This sounds like she listened to the songs and went through each effect until she found the perfect ones. Most of the songs were in Gaga’s comfort zone and weren’t surprising but that doesn’t make them any less of a damn hit. 

 I can’t name one song that had terrible or even just decent production. Every effect, vocal, and beat all felt like they were in place and meant to be there. 

Track List

 A good tracklist can really make an album, if we’re being real. I hate albums that sound like I’m listening to the whole thing on shuffle.

 Gaga’s album doesn’t have a completely randomly thrown together tracklist but it’s not the best list in the world either.

 It was a bit surprising to just go from a hyped up club banger to all of a sudden I’m thinking about a girl I used to love. 

 I also really didn’t get why the Chromatica tracks were in the album at all. It felt completely random to just throw in some piano songs with no vocals for no reason other than to have them.

 The tracks themselves were completely fire and for the most part all went with each other. It still,however,definitely had its faults. 

 I’d most likely have rearagened this album just a bit. I would also throw out the Chromatica tracks because they don’t do anything for the album at all. 

 The tracklist didn’t really follow any specific message either. A lot of the songs did have their own message but for the most part there wasn’t a set message she was trying to display.

 I’d say the tracklist wasn’t her best one, but it was still pretty good. It didn’t have banger after banger like her past albums, but it still definitely had a good amount of hits.


Every song on the album was good, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that there weren’t songs that completely washed away the others. Some of the songs sounded like the same songs with different lyrics but the ones in my top five all stood out to me.

 My top five would have to be Rain On Me, Free Woman, Replay, Plastic Doll, and Sine From Above. 

 Each one of those songs were special in their own way and are definitely getting replayed every day by me. 


 I liked the album, after the delays and waiting forever for it I’m glad as hell I got to listen to it. 

 This album isn’t one of Gaga’s best but nothing can top classic Gaga anyway. 

 After listening to each song and putting careful thought into it, I have to give this album a solid 9/10. I would definitely recommend it to a Lady Gaga fan. I don’t think I’d give it to someone who’s never heard of Gaga before but if you asked I would tell you the album is definitely worth a listen.


 Yes, yes I know I’m late again to yet another film. I’ve actually been putting this movie off for a while because I just genuinely did not care at all for this movie.

 I had heard of course that it was really cool and stuff like that, but I just never even really wanted to watch it. Even after I downloaded it I spent a few days not watching it because I honestly didn’t care.

 With all of that being said let’s get into this Venom review.


 We’ll start with the plot, something that every good movie needs to have to survive.

 Venom is about a reporter named Eddie Brock who gets fired and loses his girlfriend after going after a rich and cut throat scientist Carlton Drake. (Don’t worry his girlfriend is alive.)

 After getting a tip about experiments going on in the labs of Carlton Drake, Eddie accidentally ends up bonding with a symbiote from outer space that wants to leave Earth and needs his body to do it.

 Sounds pretty simple if you ask me, nothing about the plot is confusing. Now when it comes to the actual story it’s just like the plot, simple.

 Everything in the story moved so fast that I couldn’t even have feelings for events that seem important. In the first 20 minutes Eddie loses his job and his girlfriend and yet I didn’t care.

 There was no build up to any of his life to even make me stop and feel bad for him at all. During a lot of the movie the symbiote talks about how Eddie is a loser, but you wouldn’t even know that because they tell you nothing about him.

 They just show you that he’s a reporter, he has a fiancé, he loses both of those things and now he has a symbiote. They brought in some homeless woman that Eddie knew and was only shown for like 15 seconds just to have her die later on and I couldn’t have cared less.

 Even Venoms reason to stay on earth is stupid and doesn’t make sense. How does Eddie change him when they’ve literally spent barely any time together throughout the movie.

 I feel like the movie was just trying to rush to get to the part where they show Venom and it ruined the film. Most of the film was just Eddie being chased by Carlton and fighting people and as cool as it looked the plot was still trash. I think I almost fell asleep five times.

 They tried to do a whole thing with his ex and make you want them to get back together but to be honest she could’ve died and I’d have felt nothing. This whole movie just felt like it was only made to look cool.


 Venom uses CGI so I feel like I have to talk about it even if it is only a few short paragraphs.

 The CGI in Venom wasn’t really bad if I’m being honest and a lot of the scenes looked really cool. The scene where Eddie was being chased by Carltons goon was actually pretty fun.

 The part where Riot and Venom are fighting looked amazing if you ask me. It looked like someone could’ve used them for a painting or wallpaper. 

 If there’s one thing this movie did best, it was the CGI. It feels like it was really the only saving grace for this movie and even that couldn’t save it.

 Every second of this movie just screamed “hey here’s Venom look how cool he is, don’t worry about this garbage plot.” If you take out the CGI this movie is right on the same level as the recent Fantastic Four film.


 You need good actors to have a good movie just like you need a good plot to have a good movie. The actors and the plot can’t survive without each other and that’s just pure facts. 

 We all know that a good bad guy can make you sometimes feel scared, or feel pure anger at them. They can make you root for their downfall, maybe even relate to them.

 Look at Thanos in Endgame, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Each one of those villains were great and everyone remembers them.

 Carlton Drake is trash, not only is he written like literally every evil scientist in any movie but he also is the least scariest guy you will ever meet. Go look up the actor Riz Ahmed and tell me would you genuinely be afraid of him. 

 I don’t know why but Sony just sucks at casting villains. The whole movie I never once felt like I would be scared if I met Carlton Drake.

 Eddie Brock was decent, he wouldn’t have been my first pick for Eddie but he wasn’t the worst choice. I didn’t really get the whole loser vibe from him that they were aiming for.

 Venom was cast alright I guess I just hated that once again they completely nerfed a string ass character and opted for him to be funny. I couldn’t take Venom seriously the whole time because they kept making him crack jokes that weren’t even funny plus he was acting very unlike the comics.

 Everyone else in the movie was absolutely forgettable, even his girlfriend. If Carlton wasn’t the main villain I’d have forgotten about him too because he was that damn boring.

 No actor in this movie made any type of impact in this or stood out in any way. I’ve seen movies with trash scripts but great actors and movies with great scripts but trash actors and this movie just had meh everything. 


 Let’s get the rating done already so you can finally know if you should watch this movie if you haven’t already. I feel like if you’ve been paying attention to anything I’ve been saying you know where this is about to go.

 Did I enjoy this movie? Barely. Would I watch it again? Maybe but if I did I would probably just stay on my phone or not even pay attention to it at all.

 This movie is absolutely forgettable and has no reason to get a part two except for the fact that it’s going to make hella money.

 I have to give this movie a solid 4/10. 

Steven Universe

 I am a complete fan of anything cartoon related. If you know me you most likely know that I absolutely love watching cartoons.

 I was recently put on to Steven Universe and to be honest before now I never even put in my watchlist. I had heard a bit about the show but I had never anything that interested me enough to try to get into it. After watching the whole show though I definitely don’t regret my decision. 


 I can’t stand a cartoon with terrible animation. If it’s old I’ll give it a pass, but newer cartoons have no business being trash. 

 I’m not really a fan of things like Teen Titans Go, the new Ben 10 and other things of that nature. Luckily for me Steven Universe has some great animation.

 The colors they used for everything were really pretty and made some scenes look absolutely magical. Everything looked like it clearly took time and is thought out by each of the artists.

 I didn’t like the way some of the characters were drawn in certain scenes. The inconsistency made them look weird sometimes but for the most part everyone was drawn very nicely. 

 The only part of the animation I didn’t actually like was the pilot episode which looks like an acid fever dream but don’t worry it’s only the first episode. If they’d have gone with that style the whole show I’d have never finished it.


 Steven Universe is one of those shows where you think it’s going to just be a kid show about beating up aliens until the story actually sweeps you off of your feet. It’s like how people who first start Ben 10 don’t think it’s actually going to have a plot.

 The show is about Steven, a half human and half alien that lives with the Crystal Gems. They are a part of a race of aliens formed in the ground and are all girls.

 Steven is the only human of his race because his mom fell in love with a human and turned herself into a womb to make Steven. (I don’t know how that works so don’t ask.)

 The Crystal Gems live in Beach City with a bunch of cool wacky characters. The Gems mostly find corrupted Gems and bubble them. (You’ll see what that is)

 They’re refugees from a place called Home World ruled by the Diamonds who have a habit of taking over worlds and destroying them. They’re group goal is to pretty much make sure that doesn’t happen.

 I loved every season if I’m being completely honest. The first few seasons were more of a cute cartoon and shed a bit of light on the past of the Gems but wasn’t too hard to understand.

 The last few seasons though… if only I could tell you about those fire ass seasons. I can’t get too much into it because I’d end up spoiling it. (And we all hate a damn spoiler)

 The last seasons are more serious and have you on the edge of your seat wondering what the hell is going to happen next. Not only is it exciting but everything you end up learning just completely throws you away.

 Steven Universe is an amazingly written story. I can’t really complain about what they did with what they had.


 There are a lot of characters in Steven Universe and they keep adding more throughout the show. I don’t think I had any characters that I didn’t particularly like.

 One of the things that I liked about Steven Universe is that all of the characters, even the side ones, get a time to shine. No character is forgotten and gets an episode where you get to see who they are and why.

 Steven himself was annoying in the first few episodes but he ended up actually becoming a lovable character. Throughout the show you see a lot of character development from everyone, not just Steven.

 The characters don’t just get an episode and disappear. Each character has parts that tie into the plot. You also get to see them grow and evolve throughout the story.

 If I had to pick top five characters I’d have to pick Garnet, Peridot, Onion, Amethyst, and Steven.

 My least favorites would be Ronaldo, Mayor Dewey, and Lars (in the first seasons). 

 I actually liked everyone else, even my least favorites had their moments. I just thought they were just mostly boring, annoying, or an ass hole.


 I loved the show, when I started it I didn’t actually think I would end up finishing it until I ended up hooked to my seat. The show is really good especially once it turns serious and tears apart everything you think you know about the show.

 After everything is said and done I have to give this show a perfect 10/10 and would definitely recommend.


I’m not going to lie when it comes to things outside of rap I’m not really up to date with artists these days. I mostly listen to Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Anne Marie if I’m not listening to rap.

 I used to be deep into the alternative rock scene. I kind of fell out at one point so I don’t know much besides the bands I listened to before. I was recommended to review Trench by Twenty One Pilots. This is the first time that I’ve listened to any type of Twenty One Pilots music at all so we’ll see how this goes.


 You already knew the first thing I was going to talk about had to be the production. I feel like I hold genres outside of rap to a higher standard when it comes to production.

 I definitely hold famous people to an even higher standard when it comes to production and for a good reason. If a person has millions or thousands of dollars they shouldn’t come out the booth with some garbage sounding music. You can’t really pay for bars, well you can get a ghost writer but that’s not the point. If there’s one thing you can buy it’s good ass production.

 The production is pretty decent, there’s nothing that makes it stand out but there’s nothing wrong with it. There aren’t any special effects or anything of the sort that seems different or special. 

The production sounds like the type of stuff you would expect from a band in their genre. The instruments were nice and the vocals were pretty sound. I could understand the vocals clearly and the instruments were played on point and I could hear them with no problems.

 I don’t really have much to say about the production since there wasn’t really anything much to talk about. It was pretty good but it wasn’t anything special.

Track List

 I do love a well picked track list for an album and I think a lot of people can agree with me. Any person who likes music knows a well picked track list can make you feel like everything around you is irrelevant and have you in a web of memories and emotions.

 The track list for this album seems like an experimental album if you ask me. There isn’t really a theme or a certain vibe that stays throughout the whole album. It kind of just casually goes between one emotion to another.

 This doesn’t really feel like an album that was made for a specific person or to have a specific message. It instead feels like an album that was made just to be a piece of art that has no purpose or message. It was just made because the artist might’ve wanted to make an album that was just unique and creative for them.

 They definitely had some hits in there which is always good but they also had some songs I forgot right after I heard them. I like the stuff they talk about and I like the flow that the lead singer of the band has on a lot of the songs.

 The lyrics were also pretty good and unique, when he pairs the lyrics with his flow it makes the songs even more fire. I feel like a few of the songs would’ve been better as singles or at least put in another album.

 The track list was average, from what I’ve been hearing about them this doesn’t seem like the best album to start off with from their list of music. I feel like their other albums might be better but right now this is a pretty average tracklist.


 I did tell you that they had some fire in this album and I’m sure you’re wondering which songs caught my attention. Well I’ll tell you which songs I enjoyed the most.

 I would have to say Chlorine, The Hype, Bandito, Pet Cheetah, and Legend are definitely my top ones on the album. If you asked me to give you some good songs from the album I’d give you any one of those first.


 I’m not going to sit here and say the album was bad because it wasn’t, but I’m not going to say they deserve an award for this album either. This album has a few hits that I can see myself still jamming to later in life. However altogether I don’t think the album itself is something I’d be recommending people when they want new music. 

 I don’t regret listening to the album. I’m still listening to it right now and it’s pretty decent. I regret starting with this album first. I feel like their other albums would’ve been a better start.

 After taking in everything the album had to offer I have to give the album a solid 7/20. It wasn’t outstanding and although it had some hits it seemed like a shuffled playlist of Twenty One Pilots instead of an album by Twenty One Pilots. 

 That’s it for this review. I hope everyone’s lives get better and I hope that all of you are ok. Make sure to check out Trench by Twenty One Pilots and tell me what you thought about the album.

After Hours

I like to think of myself as a person who’s into many different genres of music. I listen to pop, rap, country, anything that sounds good it is definitely in my playlist. I never really listened to The Weeknd if we’re being honest, so when I was recommended his album I had no idea what I’d be coming into.  I came into this album with an open mind and an unbiased opinion so here’s what I thought of After Hours.


 If it wasn’t for good production a lot of people wouldn’t have hits and that’s a fact if you ask me. The first thing I think when I listen to a song is “how does it sound?” A terribly produced song will get turned off quick around here.

 From what I’ve heard from The Weeknd before I expected nothing but good production and to be honest I was not disappointed. The Weeknd did not come to play production wise, this sounds like the work of someone who definitely knows what they’re doing in the booth. The beats in the beginning of the album were kind of meh to me they sounded like sad prom music.

 The melodies were mixed perfectly and you all know how much I love a good melody. The ad libs and the effects are absolutely beautiful if you ask me. I could hear the time and dedication in this album.

 Even a person who’s not a fan of The Weeknd can tell that this isn’t an album you just can finish in a day or two. This is an album that’s been listened to and looked over carefully.

 I can’t say anything besides that the production was solid and that it didn’t make me want to turn it off after a few seconds of listening.

Track List

 I’m going to be one hundred percent honest and just say the first few songs of the album almost put me to sleep. I was actually about to turn off the album and finish it later until Heartless came on and woke me up. 

 I know it’s not my album but if it was I’d have put the first half of the album last. The first half of the album was full of repetitive songs that were mostly just songs that sounded good.

 A lot of them had songs that were 97% chorus and 3% of the song was an actual verse. I’m not a fan of pop songs that just repeat the same words over and over especially if there are barely any words to begin with.

 I know that not all of them were repetitive, I do actually listen to the lyrics before you jump in the comments with “BRO DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO SNOWCHILD, SCARED TO LIVE, OR ESCAPE FROM LA???!!!”

 The good thing about this album is that I can feel the emotion he’s putting into these songs. Even the repetitive songs I can hear that they’re targeted to a person he’s loved before. 

 If you listen to the lyrics you can hear stories and that he’s been through all of this before. The Weeknd is just a regular person like all of us and he shows that with his lyrics even if some of the songs sound like something that would play in the end credits of a movie. 

 Now the second half of the album starts with heartless and there ones after are fire to me. It woke me out of the coma that the first half was starting to put me in.

 Not only did he make bops that you could keep on repeat but he put his heart into the lyrics and into the vocals. The second half had me bobbing my head while I thought about my past relationships I’ve had with my ex’s.

 If it hadn’t been for the second half I might not have even finished the album.


 I feel like we all know I’m not about to put a bunch of songs from the first half on my favorites list if I even put any at all. I’m not saying it was garbage but it’s not my taste, I’m more of an upbeat pop person if you ask me.

 My five favorites would have to be Escape From La, Heartless, Faith, Save Your Tears, and Repeat After Me. Those songs definitely stood out to me the most.


 We’re finally on the part that you care about the most, the rating. Overall the album was decent, there were some fire songs for sure but there were also some average songs thrown in there as well. 

 After listening to this album I’m going to have to say that this is definitely a 7/10, it was just a decent album for me and that’s all. The songs that were good were really good and the rest were just ok.


 I just want to say thank all of you for supporting me and reading my reviews even though my reviews aren’t the best. Also shout out to all the artists, directors, actors, and more who were involved in anything I’ve reviewed and make sure to go check out all of their work and support their grind. See you all next week and have a great time.

More Than Music

AYYEE AYEEEEES. Have I ever told you about this rapper named Shordie Shordie? Oh I haven’t? Well allow me to put you on to some fire because I know you need it right now. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for an artist who can sing or at least hold a good note. Which is what first drew me to Shordie Shordie.

 I’m not trying to sound cool but another thing that attracts me to an artist is a person who can stand out while still making good music. Anyone can make good songs but not everyone can have their own personal voice. To be able to put on a song and instantly know who it is just from their voice, is truly special. There are too many rappers who people put on and I have to ask “oh is this Comethazine” or “is this G Herbo” etc. but not with Shordie Shordie.


 Do I even have to say that production can make or break an album? I know I’ve said it like a thousand times but how can I not keep saying it when production means so much to an album. Making music is more than just dropping lyrics over a beat and leaving. A rapper must not only drop lyrics but also put adlibs to match the song, make sure the effects make the song better, etc etc. A well produced album will take you to a whole new dimension.

 Listening to More Than Music I can tell that someone put Shordie Shordie through some type of pain. How can I tell? Well I’m glad you asked, I can tell because of the way his music is produced and how much emotion he puts in his songs.

 The vocals are pretty damn solid if you ask me. I can hear him perfectly and there isn’t a delay or any type of feedback in the background. The effects that were put on the vocals were nice and didn’t sound out of place to me. 

 The ad libs were clean, didn’t overlap with the vocals and weren’t too low. I also liked the parts of the album where he would just speak. It felt like the album was trying to say something and it’s nice that he took the time to add those details.

 If you ask me what I think about the production, I’d tell you that it’s pretty good. I’ve heard worse production from people who have millions of dollars but Shordie Shordie ran this whole album with fire production without all that money.

Track List

 Let me tell you something, this man Shordie Shordie has nothing but heat on this album. You might think I’m over exaggerating but I don’t care to be honest because this is my review after all. I put 12 out of the 13 songs on this album in my liked songs on Spotify and into two other playlists that I share with other people.

 This album isn’t just a random collection of songs that Shordie Shordie selected or an album that he just threw together just for the sake of making an album. This album is a look into the mind of Shordie Shordie.

 Every song feels like it’s targeted towards a specific person or a specific memory that inspired him to make a song. I can listen to every song on this album and not only jam it while smoking a blunt but I can listen and get in my feelings. I relate to what he’s saying and I can tell that he’s really in his feelings. 

 The track list doesn’t feel like I’m listening to it on shuffle. It’s a subtle roller coaster of emotions that won’t leave you confused about what you just listened to. The music on this album is absolutely good. It’s not only relatable but it’s catchy as hell and full of bops you can replay over and over.


 I love almost every song on this album so it’s definitely hard to pick favorites but I’ll try to pick at least five. 

 This was a tough decision but I would have to say that my favorites are Gotchu Like, Holding Hands, Time Wit You, Rather Be, and Stay With Me.

 I keep replaying those five songs over and over on Spotify. If you’re skeptical of the album I recommend at least listening to one or two of those songs. You can get a feel of the album and see if you like it. 


 I practically praised this album ever since I listened to it. Could you believe if I gave it a bad review? I love Shordie Shordie’s music and More Than Music is something I needed in these times of stress during this Pandemic that’s happening right now.

 With all of that being said I have to give this album a good 9.5/10 and would strongly recommend checking it out if you have time and tell me what you think about it.

 I also just want to say to everyone going through a struggle right now that everything will be fine. No matter how hard it seems but that’s only if you don’t give up and persevere through this. I know with Covid-19 spreading rapidly and making a bad situation even worse some people may feel depressed.Life sucks sometimes but these are times that can help us appreciate the good moments that are coming later on. I’m always here to talk to and that nothing gets better if you just give up. I love you all and I hope your lives get better and better with each passing day.