Awakening of Heroes

Is MOBA actually slowly dying? I recently saw a new game on the app store for a MOBA that hadn’t been released yet and was open for beta testing and me being the MOBA lover I am ended up downloading it. I wasn’t expecting the game to be game of the year, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this boring either.

 The game is called Awakening of Heroes, which sounded pretty cool to me and got me interested until I saw the pictures. The pictures of the game looked like it was directed to kids more than it was for older players. After a few weeks of dodging it, I finally decided to play it after rage quitting Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and it was exactly what I thought it would be but even more disappointing.

 The game is a simple MOBA that follows the same rules as Mobile Legends, there are three turrets in each lane and you and your team’s objective is to destroy three turrets in one lane to get to the other team’s base and destroy it while also protecting your own base. It sounds simple but when done right it can actually be pretty fun. 

 The map on Awakening of Heroes really isn’t that big, I get that it isn’t supposed to be this big giant free for all map but it seems pretty small compared to other MOBAs. The gameplay is decent but is ruined by how relatively easy the game actually is. 

 If you’re an experienced player, like me, then this game is going to suck for you. The players on this game aren’t really bad but they’re not that good either. In a span of five games, I only got one death and got MVP more than twice. Most of the players seem like they’re just now learning how to play MOBA which isn’t bad but it’s not fun when three people attack you at once and you kill them all with no problem. 

 At first, I thought I was just using an OP character until I used a new character every game and still ended up getting MVP. I got the MVP using a close-range fighter and I’m absolute trash with anything close-ranged.

 The game does have cool features like the gear that you get to use in the game, the pumpkin cannon is actually pretty nice if you know how to use it correctly. The characters are for kids with names like McBacon and other names of the same nature. 

 The ranked games aren’t really any better than the original games, they both have the exact same type of players no matter how far you get. The game is so easy that instead of taking at least 15 to 30 minutes per match like a regular MOBA I ended up winning four matches in ten minutes and each time I blew through the enemies and turrets like it was nothing.

 I tried playing other modes too so I could get the whole experience and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed at all because it’s the same problems in every mode. There aren’t any characters that are more overpowered than others which is good, if you’re good at the game you’ll have no problems actually winning the game. The game is a decent game to start with if you’re not a hard-core MOBA player and just want to play something casual and easy.

 I give this game a 5/10 because it actually has the potential to be a pretty good game it just needs more players or at least more challenging players.

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