Avatar: The Last Airbender

 I love cartoons more than anybody else. Of course, I love live action tv, but cartoons just go places live action can’t.

 I originally was going to do a review on Avatar The Last AirBender around a year or two ago. I ended up trashing it because the review I wrote wasn’t good enough.

 I rewatched the show and to be honest I’m glad that I didn’t use that review. Rewatching helped me see things I didn’t see before. 

 I’ll make sure to keep this review as spoiler free as I can.


 The story takes place one hundred years after the fire nation starts a war with the Earth, Water, and Air nations that ends up with the Air nomads completely wiped out.

 The only person who could possibly stop the war and save the world is the avatar who’s been missing for one hundred years.

 After a hundred years the avatar, an air bender named Aang is found frozen in an iceberg in the water tribe where he is freed and has to get accustomed to the new world he is in and master the four elements in time to defeat the firelord.

 Plot wise the show is simple and easy to follow, it follows Aang and his friends as they go around the world trying to help him master all of the elements.

 What makes the plot so good though is the way it effortlessly flows through the episodes and hits you when you least expect it. 

 In the beginning everything is pretty slow and you don’t see much that makes you really feel amazed with the show. 

 Once the second season starts is when things get way more interesting. The episodes in the second and third season show more depth into each character. It also shows you what everyone is personally struggling with.

 Not only do you see how the characters are struggling internally, but you see how other people in the world are being affected by the war and how they’ve coped with their pain.

 The show doesn’t do too much or try too hard to make you feel a certain way, instead it just goes through its story unbothered and carefree.

 The story is written carefully and makes it to where everything matters and even the little things come back to be a part of something even bigger.


 Animation means so much to a cartoon but that doesn’t even need to be said. Good animation can have you sad without the characters even saying a word.

 The animation in The Last Airbender is really good especially for the time it was made. There was a lot of detail put into the characters and surroundings in the background. 

 The fight scenes in a lot of episodes were pure art that needed no words to be powerful. I can also tell that they did their research before drawing the characters and their clothing as well.

 The animation for this show was perfect and played into the silly, serious, and fun tone of the whole show.


 The characters in The Last Airbender were each unique in their own way and never overstayed their welcome.

 Each character has their own style and personality that makes them stand out and be remembered. 

 Each character also has their own character development and personal problems that set them apart from the others as well.

 I can’t deny that sometimes it seems like certain characters get over whatever is bothering them or conquer some struggles pretty fast which is annoying but it’s like that in a lot of children’s cartoons.

 It also is really nice to see each character go from a bunch of boring characters with nothing outstanding to the grown developed characters we know and love.

 The writers made sure that we didn’t forget that each character is a person with feelings and that each character in the main group is still a kid struggling with adult problems.

I loved every character in the show to be honest, even the antagonists in the show had their own stories and development that made you feel for them. 

 All I can say is that for a children’s show the characters were really well written.


 I loved the show ever since I first watched it, as of right now I’ve watched it three times in total. The show was well written, animated, and just a well made show in general.

 After putting everything into consideration I have to give this show a 10/10 and would definitely recommend.

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