After Hours

I like to think of myself as a person who’s into many different genres of music. I listen to pop, rap, country, anything that sounds good it is definitely in my playlist. I never really listened to The Weeknd if we’re being honest, so when I was recommended his album I had no idea what I’d be coming into.  I came into this album with an open mind and an unbiased opinion so here’s what I thought of After Hours.


 If it wasn’t for good production a lot of people wouldn’t have hits and that’s a fact if you ask me. The first thing I think when I listen to a song is “how does it sound?” A terribly produced song will get turned off quick around here.

 From what I’ve heard from The Weeknd before I expected nothing but good production and to be honest I was not disappointed. The Weeknd did not come to play production wise, this sounds like the work of someone who definitely knows what they’re doing in the booth. The beats in the beginning of the album were kind of meh to me they sounded like sad prom music.

 The melodies were mixed perfectly and you all know how much I love a good melody. The ad libs and the effects are absolutely beautiful if you ask me. I could hear the time and dedication in this album.

 Even a person who’s not a fan of The Weeknd can tell that this isn’t an album you just can finish in a day or two. This is an album that’s been listened to and looked over carefully.

 I can’t say anything besides that the production was solid and that it didn’t make me want to turn it off after a few seconds of listening.

Track List

 I’m going to be one hundred percent honest and just say the first few songs of the album almost put me to sleep. I was actually about to turn off the album and finish it later until Heartless came on and woke me up. 

 I know it’s not my album but if it was I’d have put the first half of the album last. The first half of the album was full of repetitive songs that were mostly just songs that sounded good.

 A lot of them had songs that were 97% chorus and 3% of the song was an actual verse. I’m not a fan of pop songs that just repeat the same words over and over especially if there are barely any words to begin with.

 I know that not all of them were repetitive, I do actually listen to the lyrics before you jump in the comments with “BRO DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO SNOWCHILD, SCARED TO LIVE, OR ESCAPE FROM LA???!!!”

 The good thing about this album is that I can feel the emotion he’s putting into these songs. Even the repetitive songs I can hear that they’re targeted to a person he’s loved before. 

 If you listen to the lyrics you can hear stories and that he’s been through all of this before. The Weeknd is just a regular person like all of us and he shows that with his lyrics even if some of the songs sound like something that would play in the end credits of a movie. 

 Now the second half of the album starts with heartless and there ones after are fire to me. It woke me out of the coma that the first half was starting to put me in.

 Not only did he make bops that you could keep on repeat but he put his heart into the lyrics and into the vocals. The second half had me bobbing my head while I thought about my past relationships I’ve had with my ex’s.

 If it hadn’t been for the second half I might not have even finished the album.


 I feel like we all know I’m not about to put a bunch of songs from the first half on my favorites list if I even put any at all. I’m not saying it was garbage but it’s not my taste, I’m more of an upbeat pop person if you ask me.

 My five favorites would have to be Escape From La, Heartless, Faith, Save Your Tears, and Repeat After Me. Those songs definitely stood out to me the most.


 We’re finally on the part that you care about the most, the rating. Overall the album was decent, there were some fire songs for sure but there were also some average songs thrown in there as well. 

 After listening to this album I’m going to have to say that this is definitely a 7/10, it was just a decent album for me and that’s all. The songs that were good were really good and the rest were just ok.


 I just want to say thank all of you for supporting me and reading my reviews even though my reviews aren’t the best. Also shout out to all the artists, directors, actors, and more who were involved in anything I’ve reviewed and make sure to go check out all of their work and support their grind. See you all next week and have a great time.

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